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Friday, September 3, 2010

88. goin' camping

I'll be postponing my posts for now! 

because I will be goin' camping in San Diego for the weekend :) But you must know, September posts will be filled with more updates because my whole family will be arriving from Manila, just in time when I come back from camping. 

for the mean time will you do me a favor? will you visit my boyfriend's blog and maybe become a follower or comment? ... I'm not saying his blog his promising. LOL.. but he is too proud and claims that he can have more followers than mine. I'm actually just doing this post because I pity his blog. haha. He doesn't even know what my Link is, so if he does have any followers or if people would comment he will think it's all because his blog is just "too" nice.

I'm doing this to make him feel better. (not)

I'm doing this to boost his pride and so he would blog more often. Seriously. I think you should see his posts. Tell me what you think. HAHA :). But I'm telling you, I'm not promising anything. And also while I'm gone... please feel free to read my other posts :)  



1. i miss you so much
2. can't wait to be in your arms again
3. San Francisco
4. a perfect day at the fisherman's wharf
5. all in his day's work
6. H&M and Forever 21
7. the airport. nail salon. and the beginning of a ruined vacation.
8. sex in the city 2
9. a friday night waste and full of frustration
10. a perfect day at the golden gate bridge
11. i hate sundays
12. winchester mystery mansion  & a tea party
13. Vallejo
14. nba finals game 7 vs. downtown sanfrancisco
15. Los Angeles ... or is it Las Vegas?
16. you think we shouldn't have went to vegas?
17. a not so perfect visit to the Sin City
18. what happens in vegas stays in vegas
19. i left my heart in san francisco
20. humpy bumpy dumpy wednesday
21. dear future mother-in-law
22. Los Angeles
23. Long Beach
24. un-happy birthday to me
25. Redondo Beach
26. Sizzler at Los Alamitos


27. avatar: the last airbender
28. disneyland & california adventure
29. the GPS of the what generation
30. fourth of july
31. a week of hate
32. H&M and Forever 21 (again)
33. the sorcerer's apprentice

34. surrender in Las Vegas
35. fat tuesday on a saturday (Las Vegas)
36. a whole week of nowhere 
37. San Diego
38. pool party and barbeque
39. despicable me

40. yummy sushi
41. inception 
42. i think i'm obsessed 
43. San Diego Padres vs. Florida Marlins
44. mexican candy



45. it's a perfect day to have a picnic by the beach
46. better than reverse psychology.
47. im not doing any psychology tricks on you. im just blogging
48. i want to eat frozen easy-to-cook food so bad please

49. farmville
50. good bye facebook
51. bringing the old school love back
52. I've finally done it!
53. My wishes came truuuue!!!
54. the responsible me starts kickin' in again and ruining everything (a quarter life crisis entry)
55. on days that I hate him
56. this is the way you left me
57. warning: you might get emotional
58. Orange County Fair
59. friday the 13th bad luck warning

60. Hello, Northern California!
61. back to the fisherman's wharf & somethin' else
62. anger management problem
63. the best thing that i got from the trip

64. the great mall
65. starting the morning right. and end it well
66. G.I. Joe & Denny's

67. you've got your family and they need you there
68. anger management

69. a perfect day at santa cruz boardwalk
70. santana row
71. Movie Marathon #1 Toy Story 
72. Movie Marathon #2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

73. Movie Marathon #3 17 Again 
74. i'm leaving my heart in san francisco 
75. i left my heart in san francisco 
76. Movie Marathon #4 Shrek Forever After

77. Movie Marathon #5 Grown Ups
78. Movie Marathon #6 The Switch
79. Movie Marathon #7 The Kite Runner
80. sushi bar
81. WANTED: a new boyfriend
82. substance over style
83. bad girls get everything

84. playing hard to get
85. what i've been doing


86. Vacation Surprise - ex-rated
87. Los Angeles Dodgers Vs. Philidelphia Phillies


  1. your boyfriends blog made me laugh, I have followed he he xx

  2. Lol you guys are funny!!! Hahaha! And nice one... such a sweet girlfriend! ;p

  3. Hahaha. Sweet and funny post. Will check it out.

  4. Um.....boyfriend REALLY needs to take some writing classes, or learn how to write a post that's maybe longer than a paragraph? LOL

    Have a fun camping trip! I'll miss your posts (and your comments!)

  5. Hey, I just found you through Linky Friday on BlogFrog. I'll go check out your BF's sad blog! I grew up in SF and now I'm in the East Bay. Have a great camping trip! BTW, I love your music playlist!

  6. Hehe. Have a great time, dear!

    I'll go over to his blog right now!


    P.S. I'm totally gonna find a way to include your "guys with cars" issue into a post this month!

  7. hahaha just to pity his blog lol. I couldn't find the post you mentioned in your comment on my post

    It says it doesn't exost :(

    Alice X


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