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Friday, August 20, 2010

68. anger management

Four symptoms you can't ignore:

Anger is something that we all deal with from time to time. Unfortunately, some people have more problems dealing with anger, than others. Here are 4 anger problem symptoms you can use to identify whether you might have an anger problem.

You Get Angry Often

If you get angry frequently, there's a good chance you may have some issues related to anger that need to be dealt with. When this happens one of the best things to do is give yourself time away from the things that are making you angry.

You're Always Defensive

Are you always getting defensive about something? Things like your work, your looks, your weight, how you talk, or anything else? Getting defensive and angry over things that make you defensive, is a sign you should evaluate things before reading too much into them. Otherwise, you'll find yourself getting angry over things that probably were taken out of context.

Any Little Thing Gets You Mad

Do the smallest things set you off? You know things like: getting stuck in traffic, your morning coffee is cold, or you get ketchup on your new shirt. There are worse things in life than spilling something on your shirt... although it can be annoying, it really doesn't justify the amount of anger, or attention, that it gets.

You Get Aggressive

Becoming aggressive when you're angry is one of the worst things you can do. It can be a marker of just how "out of control" your anger is. If you get aggressive when you get angry, even for small things, then you're endangering not only yourself, but those around you.

Recognizing anger problem symptoms is the first step in taking charge of your anger, before it begins damaging your life.

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I finally got aware that I had a psychological problem when I was already hurting the people that I love. Well... he's just one. I meant, I'm just hurting one person. And that is my boyfriend.

Ever since I went here to the states... there had been a lot of instances already and could be something like we were already breaking up. This anger management problem used to concern for him only. But now, I know that I'm the one who has a problem controlling my anger. And I really do stupid things and say stupid things that make things worst. I feel that I'm hurt that's why I'm angry, but then I know in the end I'm really hurting my boyfriend too. I know he really doesn't want to break up with me because when there are times that I say that I give up and I don't want to suffer any longer. He insists on making me promise to do something to make our relationship better. Even though when I say "No, I can't do it anymore. I give up. There's no point already. It's my fault. Let's stop this". He doesn't listen or agree with me. But instead he insists on telling me on what I shouldn't do next time.

Even if... I do the same mistakes again and again....

Even if... I make the mistake a few minutes after he just told me not to do it.

He will just again (and again), remind me that he has been telling me not to shout and to control my emotions.

What the fuck is wrong with me????? Is this the effect of the situations that's happening to me??? I am so not like this! and I'm supposed to be a teacher! I should have the longest patience.

I guess being a psychology major, I need to research on this myself. The least I could do before I end up hurting my boyfriend even more.


  1. Well, sometimes shouting and letting go of those emotions is a good thing. :-)

  2. It's hard to self-analyze. For some unknown reason, it's easier sometimes to talk about yourself to someone else. Besides, an outside, unattached opinion can be eye-opening.

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  4. i've been reading something... ill show it on my next post when I am able to focus back on blogging.

    new stories to tell about my trip to sanjose/sanfrancisco

  5. wow i learned something from this post. thanks for sharing! i used to have problems dealing with anger, but i had overcome it as i grow older hehehe


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