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Friday, October 15, 2010

138. Today

Today, we went to Ports O Call. Waterfront Dining.

Okay, what boring shit am I talking about. That topic is a very boring subject to blog about.

What's the real update about my long distance relationship with my boyfriend then?

Since that's supposed to be the real reason why I'm blogging.

So. My boyfriend's relatives, are inviting me again to visit San Francisco.
And hopefully it will be a perfect visit this time.

Oh. But it's still not perfect because I'm not coming at all.

Despite the cheap rate right now $89.40 round trip taxes included.
I can't go anywhere anymore because my parents are already here in L.A.

It's no longer a vacation by myself anymore. And besides, I'm having so much fun shopping and buying things that my dad pays for me. What fun is that over using you're own money right?


So I am peaceful and happy already here.

Material things are compensating for my happiness.

And my boyfriend suddenly says that I can go back to Frisco now.

Just like that they think it's so easy.
While, my last two visits there was a semi disaster.

I should have learned the first time around.

A mistake done once is an honest one. Do it twice and you're stupid. Do I dare to make it thrice? And make my father get mad at me? I'm already having the time of my life being spoiled here. Why do I want to take the risk of forfeiting my dad's financial support for my shopping sprees.

Despite it may sound like I am choosing the merchandise over my boyfriend, it's just not entirely about that. There are deeper issues on what's stopping me to go back. Aside from that now my parents are here unlike before I can travel anywhere I want as long as I can afford it.


Traveling is such a great experience and adventure indeed. There are days where you are unsure where you will sleep or stay. But that's part of the adventure. I guess I am lucky to have experience that. But I am not willing to experience that all over again. Even though now I have a sure place to stay in Frisco. Oh please. Leave me alone. Shopping is making me forget the bad memories.

I don't want to remember it anymore.

So today... here are more of the pictures while me, my dad, my mom, and my grandparents were strolling down the wharf.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

136. a- 10-10-10- tion ..... !!!

I haven't even gone back home yet.. and I'm already booked to fly to another country when I go back.

It all started when my good friend back in Manila, messaged me in my new Ipod Touch 4th Generation.

She told me to log on using my computer.

I was like... "uh.. but I'm still sleepy"

"Go online, join the conference"

"Why!?!? you getting married?!"

"Lol, no. Just hurry yup, you are wasting time"

She gave me a link from twitter.

As you would see, it was a sale.

I quickly jumped off my bed and turned on my laptop.

It was just 9am here in the states (October 9, 2010), but it was already 12midnight in Manila (October 10, 2010.

I can't believe I wasted time browsing on the domestic flights and waiting for my friends to make an itinerary for a trip when after about 30 minutes I heard my dad waking up.

I quickly told him about the sale! and he said BOOK A FLIGHT!

Do you know how much the domestic fare are in dollars???

It's barely even a quarter! (.23cents = 10pesos)

okay fine, that's just one way ticket. and then there are taxes and fees etc.

that's just like $1.47! I could just travel every week! lol

So about our next family vacation.

It wasn't going to be that easy to book a ticket.

Even thought it was just around 1am in Manila.

Practically thousands of Filipinos were on the Cebu Pacific Air Website!!

Flights getting sold out every second! Website running SOooo sooo slow!

But after moments of patience and perseverance....

viola! 5 round trip tickets to the beautiful Bangkok, Thailand.

With a rough total of Php18,000. That's just around $400 dollars.

Round TRIP.

5 people.

All in.

with even a little extra of change :)

thank you friend who messaged me and insisted me to get my ass of my bed


I hope southwest goes on a super down sale too! lol =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

133. my new baby

you think you know yourself too much when you say "I am faithful".

Not until that other someone, comes into your life. And now you say, "I am confused".

Is it a test? an obstacle? .... or is it a sign? ... Is it a moment that you realize, that maybe your current love isn't really the "one".

The fact that you are getting confused, may reflect that you don't really love your current one at all.

Is it possible to have TWO loves? ....

What am i really talking shit about...?!? ...

I'm not talking about my boyfriend.... I'm talking about my  non-stop talking for the past few weeks about getting wii fit plus and wii fit accessories.

Guess what I end up getting :(

Why does fidelity feels so good. and yet. makes you feel guilty too.

I hope unlike a real playgirl. this infatuation lasts longer. HAHA ...

p.s. please expect that I will be missing in the blogosphere for a while.

Monday, October 4, 2010

131. I am a victim of a bandit.

I got held up by a bandit tonight. He can be found at Club Barona, San Diego California

He is known as, the one-armed bandit.

The slots.


My aunt and my parents, decided to come back to Club Barona tonight, just for the buffet. (excited for their scrumptious desserts!)

My aunt was going to receive $100 as a gift from the club for her birthday. Unfortunately, she won’t get it until it was officially October 4, 2010. I guess she wouldn’t have enough time to go to the casino tomorrow, so she just decided to go to Club Barona, Eat Dinner, and wait until it was midnight.

And because we arrived there at 930pm…. They decided to relax at the casino for awhile since midnight was so far yet.

The last time I gambled was in Vegas, with my boyfriend. We played digital poker and as much as I would pretend that I know how to play poker, I’m not good at it. I had guts to play poker because he was there to guide me.

After around 30 minutes of watching my dad…

I left him and decided to try my luck.

I went to look for a digital poker machine and have enough guts to pretend that I know much about the game.

I have been to a lot of casinos, USA or Manila, but I’m not really a gambler. Of my OWN money that is. (haha how is that) My boyfriend’s relatives loved to play gamble. My boyfriend’s mom’s past time was to play the slot machine. And even though my boyfriend was not around, his mom would call me and ask me to accompany her to the casinos.

My boyfriend’s relatives loved bringing me to the casino with them, because I enjoyed the free casino food. When they lose, the food wasn’t really free anymore right? They feel better because their money wasn’t really put to waste. Because I eat a lot.

Going back, I was alone now.

And watching my dad gamble was not as much fun as watching my boyfriend’s relatives play. Probably because what runs in my mind was that “stop gambling dad, just give the money to me and you wont regret it” .. haha..

So I got bored… Casinos are a bad place to be bored at.

I slipped in a 20 dollar bill in the machine, and I accidentally placed in MAX BET.


Beginners luck, I got a flush.

So my $20 became $25.

You think I would have stopped there and claim my so called prize but a gambler wouldn’t, would he?
He would continue to play.

I stopped when my credits was already $9.50.

I LOST $10.50!!! Huhu.

But when I had my ticket encashed, I felt like a winner because I got myself a California quarter.

I haven’t mentioned that during my stay here in the US I am trying to collect all 50 state quarters. Ironically, I’m staying in California but I haven’t gotten a California coin yet.

And Now I have.

I totally feel like a winner!!!

I feel MORE like a winner when my aunt won $300 and she gave me 20bucks play money.


Then off to the buffet we go, only to discover that they have closed on us. And we went there for the buffet!

We ended up eating at a Chinese restaurant (Gosh, please... I'm fed up with chinese food).

After dinner we still had to wait for an hour before midnight, and because of stupid superstitions when someone gives you play money, you should play it and not keep it.

My mom doesn’t know how to gamble at all, but she won $160.

I on the other hand, should have learned that whenever people gives me play money, my luck ends THERE. Play money is as good as winning already because it was given to me.

When I gamble the play money more… I’ll just end up getting no money at all.

So I stopped at $4.40.

No more.

No more.

I slept at a chair the rest of the night. (should have though about sleeping earlier!)

My dad asked me... "Did you lose?"

"Yes", i said.

I was totally expecting him to ask how much I lost, and then give me the same amount of money to compensate for it. But he didn't :(

When we were heading home my dad gave me $20.(*hooray!!) But I still feel bad because I spent the $20 my aunt gave me, and I lost $10 with my own money. I could have brought home additional $45 in total.

Before I went to sleep, my aunt asked me how much I lost.

"$10", I said.

Here's $15, at least you have won $5.

$5!! that was totally what I would have won in the first place! :(

Am I really a winner? I just lost myself $30 tonight.

Okay... too much analyzing... and the numbers are now confusing me. Well that's gambling.

Shoot… No more gambling for me!

That was already shopping money and I gambled it! (huhu)

 *I told myself last night that I will not eat shrimp for a very very long time ever since last night's buffet... (shrimp unlimited)... and yet what I ordered tonight was "salt and pepper shrimp" ... I can't help it. Shrimp is my favorite food!! Doesn't matter how it is served, tempura, steamed, fried, cocktail, with soup or with pasta... i love shrimp. My fastest way in deciding which food to eat.

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