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Friday, October 15, 2010

138. Today

Today, we went to Ports O Call. Waterfront Dining.

Okay, what boring shit am I talking about. That topic is a very boring subject to blog about.

What's the real update about my long distance relationship with my boyfriend then?

Since that's supposed to be the real reason why I'm blogging.

So. My boyfriend's relatives, are inviting me again to visit San Francisco.
And hopefully it will be a perfect visit this time.

Oh. But it's still not perfect because I'm not coming at all.

Despite the cheap rate right now $89.40 round trip taxes included.
I can't go anywhere anymore because my parents are already here in L.A.

It's no longer a vacation by myself anymore. And besides, I'm having so much fun shopping and buying things that my dad pays for me. What fun is that over using you're own money right?


So I am peaceful and happy already here.

Material things are compensating for my happiness.

And my boyfriend suddenly says that I can go back to Frisco now.

Just like that they think it's so easy.
While, my last two visits there was a semi disaster.

I should have learned the first time around.

A mistake done once is an honest one. Do it twice and you're stupid. Do I dare to make it thrice? And make my father get mad at me? I'm already having the time of my life being spoiled here. Why do I want to take the risk of forfeiting my dad's financial support for my shopping sprees.

Despite it may sound like I am choosing the merchandise over my boyfriend, it's just not entirely about that. There are deeper issues on what's stopping me to go back. Aside from that now my parents are here unlike before I can travel anywhere I want as long as I can afford it.


Traveling is such a great experience and adventure indeed. There are days where you are unsure where you will sleep or stay. But that's part of the adventure. I guess I am lucky to have experience that. But I am not willing to experience that all over again. Even though now I have a sure place to stay in Frisco. Oh please. Leave me alone. Shopping is making me forget the bad memories.

I don't want to remember it anymore.

So today... here are more of the pictures while me, my dad, my mom, and my grandparents were strolling down the wharf.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

136. a- 10-10-10- tion ..... !!!

I haven't even gone back home yet.. and I'm already booked to fly to another country when I go back.

It all started when my good friend back in Manila, messaged me in my new Ipod Touch 4th Generation.

She told me to log on using my computer.

I was like... "uh.. but I'm still sleepy"

"Go online, join the conference"

"Why!?!? you getting married?!"

"Lol, no. Just hurry yup, you are wasting time"

She gave me a link from twitter.

As you would see, it was a sale.

I quickly jumped off my bed and turned on my laptop.

It was just 9am here in the states (October 9, 2010), but it was already 12midnight in Manila (October 10, 2010.

I can't believe I wasted time browsing on the domestic flights and waiting for my friends to make an itinerary for a trip when after about 30 minutes I heard my dad waking up.

I quickly told him about the sale! and he said BOOK A FLIGHT!

Do you know how much the domestic fare are in dollars???

It's barely even a quarter! (.23cents = 10pesos)

okay fine, that's just one way ticket. and then there are taxes and fees etc.

that's just like $1.47! I could just travel every week! lol

So about our next family vacation.

It wasn't going to be that easy to book a ticket.

Even thought it was just around 1am in Manila.

Practically thousands of Filipinos were on the Cebu Pacific Air Website!!

Flights getting sold out every second! Website running SOooo sooo slow!

But after moments of patience and perseverance....

viola! 5 round trip tickets to the beautiful Bangkok, Thailand.

With a rough total of Php18,000. That's just around $400 dollars.

Round TRIP.

5 people.

All in.

with even a little extra of change :)

thank you friend who messaged me and insisted me to get my ass of my bed


I hope southwest goes on a super down sale too! lol =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

133. my new baby

you think you know yourself too much when you say "I am faithful".

Not until that other someone, comes into your life. And now you say, "I am confused".

Is it a test? an obstacle? .... or is it a sign? ... Is it a moment that you realize, that maybe your current love isn't really the "one".

The fact that you are getting confused, may reflect that you don't really love your current one at all.

Is it possible to have TWO loves? ....

What am i really talking shit about...?!? ...

I'm not talking about my boyfriend.... I'm talking about my  non-stop talking for the past few weeks about getting wii fit plus and wii fit accessories.

Guess what I end up getting :(

Why does fidelity feels so good. and yet. makes you feel guilty too.

I hope unlike a real playgirl. this infatuation lasts longer. HAHA ...

p.s. please expect that I will be missing in the blogosphere for a while.

Monday, October 4, 2010

131. I am a victim of a bandit.

I got held up by a bandit tonight. He can be found at Club Barona, San Diego California

He is known as, the one-armed bandit.

The slots.


My aunt and my parents, decided to come back to Club Barona tonight, just for the buffet. (excited for their scrumptious desserts!)

My aunt was going to receive $100 as a gift from the club for her birthday. Unfortunately, she won’t get it until it was officially October 4, 2010. I guess she wouldn’t have enough time to go to the casino tomorrow, so she just decided to go to Club Barona, Eat Dinner, and wait until it was midnight.

And because we arrived there at 930pm…. They decided to relax at the casino for awhile since midnight was so far yet.

The last time I gambled was in Vegas, with my boyfriend. We played digital poker and as much as I would pretend that I know how to play poker, I’m not good at it. I had guts to play poker because he was there to guide me.

After around 30 minutes of watching my dad…

I left him and decided to try my luck.

I went to look for a digital poker machine and have enough guts to pretend that I know much about the game.

I have been to a lot of casinos, USA or Manila, but I’m not really a gambler. Of my OWN money that is. (haha how is that) My boyfriend’s relatives loved to play gamble. My boyfriend’s mom’s past time was to play the slot machine. And even though my boyfriend was not around, his mom would call me and ask me to accompany her to the casinos.

My boyfriend’s relatives loved bringing me to the casino with them, because I enjoyed the free casino food. When they lose, the food wasn’t really free anymore right? They feel better because their money wasn’t really put to waste. Because I eat a lot.

Going back, I was alone now.

And watching my dad gamble was not as much fun as watching my boyfriend’s relatives play. Probably because what runs in my mind was that “stop gambling dad, just give the money to me and you wont regret it” .. haha..

So I got bored… Casinos are a bad place to be bored at.

I slipped in a 20 dollar bill in the machine, and I accidentally placed in MAX BET.


Beginners luck, I got a flush.

So my $20 became $25.

You think I would have stopped there and claim my so called prize but a gambler wouldn’t, would he?
He would continue to play.

I stopped when my credits was already $9.50.

I LOST $10.50!!! Huhu.

But when I had my ticket encashed, I felt like a winner because I got myself a California quarter.

I haven’t mentioned that during my stay here in the US I am trying to collect all 50 state quarters. Ironically, I’m staying in California but I haven’t gotten a California coin yet.

And Now I have.

I totally feel like a winner!!!

I feel MORE like a winner when my aunt won $300 and she gave me 20bucks play money.


Then off to the buffet we go, only to discover that they have closed on us. And we went there for the buffet!

We ended up eating at a Chinese restaurant (Gosh, please... I'm fed up with chinese food).

After dinner we still had to wait for an hour before midnight, and because of stupid superstitions when someone gives you play money, you should play it and not keep it.

My mom doesn’t know how to gamble at all, but she won $160.

I on the other hand, should have learned that whenever people gives me play money, my luck ends THERE. Play money is as good as winning already because it was given to me.

When I gamble the play money more… I’ll just end up getting no money at all.

So I stopped at $4.40.

No more.

No more.

I slept at a chair the rest of the night. (should have though about sleeping earlier!)

My dad asked me... "Did you lose?"

"Yes", i said.

I was totally expecting him to ask how much I lost, and then give me the same amount of money to compensate for it. But he didn't :(

When we were heading home my dad gave me $20.(*hooray!!) But I still feel bad because I spent the $20 my aunt gave me, and I lost $10 with my own money. I could have brought home additional $45 in total.

Before I went to sleep, my aunt asked me how much I lost.

"$10", I said.

Here's $15, at least you have won $5.

$5!! that was totally what I would have won in the first place! :(

Am I really a winner? I just lost myself $30 tonight.

Okay... too much analyzing... and the numbers are now confusing me. Well that's gambling.

Shoot… No more gambling for me!

That was already shopping money and I gambled it! (huhu)

 *I told myself last night that I will not eat shrimp for a very very long time ever since last night's buffet... (shrimp unlimited)... and yet what I ordered tonight was "salt and pepper shrimp" ... I can't help it. Shrimp is my favorite food!! Doesn't matter how it is served, tempura, steamed, fried, cocktail, with soup or with pasta... i love shrimp. My fastest way in deciding which food to eat.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

127. please put a leash on your wife.

Dear slutty-wife's husband,

I think your wife accidentally sent an email to my boyfriend, I am just returning it back.

I do not know who is really telling the truth, but your wife did send this picture.

I didn't actually want to send this photo to you, but my patience had reached it's limit. No matter how try I ignore it, it's still annoying. I have previously told her more than once and over the past year (i dont remember when was it), that to cut the ties with my boyfriend because their "friendship" is so distracting (and frustrating). I seriously do not give a damn, if they say that they are “close” friends and that they have been good friends way back I even came into the picture. I just want her to even forget she ever knew my boyfriend. Like I said, their “friendship” is very distracting.

For sure she will have her own reasons, may it be true, may it be a lie.

I don't know who is telling the truth and we might never know the real story.

Bottomline, she had a choice whether to send it or not.
And she had a choice what kind of picture she would send.

I want you to know, I don't want any disputes. But i think you deserve the right to know these things. Your wife already told me you know, but I personally would want to talk to you and tell you that I hope this does not happen again in the long or near future.

I am far from my boyfriend, and I will leave the country soon. I will have a hard time knowing what's going on, especially that all of you three are within San Francisco.

I already did my part on teaching my boyfriend his goddamn lesson on what part of “DO NOT DARE TALK TO HER EVER AGAIN”, he does not understand. And believe me he has learned his lesson and will not be talking to any other girl for that matter, anytime soon.

I’m sending this message, with the risk that you will confront my boyfriend. We already have our own issues regarding this experience. You don’t have to add to it. Let me take care of my boyfriend, and I will let you take care of your wife.

I dont think it’s appropriate to send this kind of photo, REGARDLESS of whatever reason. I hope you understand.

Please put a leash on your wife.

126. Fuck You Friday!


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my fuck you friday rants are linked below:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

125, operation REVENGE of a silent bitch

contradictory to the old saying... (Revenge is a dish best served cold)
Revenge is SWEET when served HOT. 

The old saying suggests that if someone does something bad to us, it is better to pay them back later in time, not immediately. Vengeance may be more satisfying if it is not inflicted immediately.

But not me.. I like it HOT & FRESH.
ergo, revenge that is inflicted immediately.

Revenge is SWEET when served HOT. 

Besides, if I wait on a later date.. people will just accuse me of "not getting over" with it.

Why am I so vengeful you ask? Refer to this.

In fact, I'm already too late because I just discovered this NOW. She even dares to defend herself that it happened a long time ago and the picture was already months old (is 4 months really a long time ago??)

I guess it's not that hot anymore... my revenge is already warm BUT STILL IT TASTES SO SWEET!

My image may look like a nice quiet ignorant and gullible girl.
But as they say.. "Beware the fury of a patient man"

The war has begun.

My boyfriend continued to explain, the stories that the common friend had told. (common friend of slut and I).

He was so furious on that common friend trying to confuse the stories.

I told him, "You shouldn't be mad at my friend. Be mad at your slut! Those stories CAME FROM HER"

I know my boyfriend made a mistake. They both did. But still he's my boyfriend and she's a slut. So my anger is mostly on the girl.

How can that girl really think that my boyfriend likes her? or STILL DO?

When the fact that during the time when I haven't even met my boyfriend, THAT girl stood only as a "booty" call. He never took her seriously. And that slut is such a fool to even fall for my boyfriend again, and again, and again.

Fool her once, it's his fault. Fool her twice, thrice or even more.. then who's fault is it?

The way that the "common friend" (she's really closer to that slut, i was just an old friend back in elementary), and the "slut" made it look like was that my boyfriend still likes HER and wants HER back.

Seriously? You really FEEL THAT WAY?

My boyfriend's big mistake was sending the wrong signals. He would flirt and say words that would sound believable but he's just playing. Oh common! He had done this to her ages ago.. TWICE! Haven't the slut read the "pattern" ???

My boyfriend could be an asshole this time for making the girl feel that he likes her. I've been there before, boys making me feel they like me. But I've learned my lesson the FIRST TIME and the ONLY time that happened. Whenever guys would flirt with me through words, I flirted back. But there was entirely no meaning put into it.

But to the slut? ohhhh common. you are so overwhelmed. You think you are really that sexy??

real picture of her

You have the words SLUT written all over your face!

OKAY their reason for the picture is, my boyfriend told me that they were talking about how the slut lost weight after giving birth. My boyfriend did not believe her that she would lose weight because she already looked like a haggard old woman. So she decided to send a picture to prove herself right.

According to the slut, same story only it was my boyfriend who kept on nagging her to send a bikini picture. (that's a bikini??? it totally looks like a bra and panty to me)

Bottom line... it was still HER CHOICE to send a picture or not.

Bottom line... if you wanted to show a picture just to prove how you have lost "weight" after giving birth, DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO SEND A HALF NAKED PICTURE OF YOU AND POSE LIKE A HOE?

I did not know that babies grew in the boobs...

No wonder she had to show her bra....

As for my revenge.. it's a long story to post it here....though if you are really interested with the whole story  just tell me...  =)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

124. S-L-U-T alert!! War freak mode ON!

You say Imma bitch like it's a bad thing...

My boyfriend and I haven't been in good terms for the past few days. Partly because he's been replying less and every time he did message me I would start a fight because he thinks he's off the hook that easy. I admit I can be demanding when it comes to "hey I'm bored! drop everything and pay attention to me" kind of issue.

It came to the point that I threatened him that he will regret pissing me off.

He thought I was bluffing.


He got disconnected on his yahoo messenger because I hacked into his account.

I've told him before I could easily guess his passwords and how to reset them. I guess he trusted me enough not to see that as a threat.

At first he was so pissed and he turned the tables around and made it look like it was my fault that we were going to fall apart.

and then I found an information.

Remember the ex-girlfriend I caught messaging my bf while we were in vegas?!?!?!?!? that slut!!! she's been emailing my boyfriend and there was this one email where she sent a picture of her in her underwear!!!!!!!!!!


Get your freak on. It's war time.

He was begging for my forgiveness.. But I couldn't just let him off the hook could I?

So I messaged my friend who is a close friend of the slut.

And I messaged the slutty girl.

War Freak Mode On.

To add it up, that slutty girl already gave birth few years back, and she just recently got married with the guy who got her pregnant.

I told my boyfriend's sisters.

I told my boyfriend's grandmother

and most especially I told my boyfriend's mother.
 *yes, i triggered the mother weapon*

I am treated as part of their family so I just had to tell them about what my boyfriend has been doing. And I could even do worst.

Hmmmmmmmmm what should I do with the girl's picture in her underwear???

Want me to post it here?????!!!

hmmm better! I'll post it in my facebook!!!!

nahhh im not that cruel, I'll just share it to a few friends.....

or BEST. I'll send it to her husband! and tell him to better watch her wife's underwear because it's getting mixed up with our clothes.....

I messaged the common friend who happened to be a school mate of me and my best friend.

I may be nice. But they also know that ever since in elementary, I could be a warfreak.
and I wouldn't care if I create a scandal.



To be continued.....


123. I never thought I would say this but, "I wanna go back home in the P.I."

Since I left Manila in June, I have never felt this sad.

And I'm bursting in tears silently so my parents won't notice how broken my heart is right now.

My sister and my nephew already left and flew last night back to the Philippines. Even though they were only here for two weeks, my stay in the United states will never be the same again.

Although I will see them in 2 months again,shopping in Ross, Marshals, Nordstrom Rack, 99cents, Best Buy and Toys R Us will never be the same again. I miss my annoying nephew grabbing random shoes and saying my name again and again without stopping until I notice him and telling me "how about this?".
Although my sister and nephew can get to my nerves, it feels so lonely here in the house. I will miss my sister asking me for my phone and people I don't know leaving voice mails for my sister. I will miss my nephew asking me to use my computer to play Call of Duty.

Although the house was a real mess when they were around, I will miss the joy that the mess constitutes saying that "there's too many things going on in here".

Although my parents decided to stay longer here in the US to be with me until I go back home in Manila, (I'm not really sure if I should rejoice about the idea because aren't one of the reasons I left was to be away from them? lol), I will miss going out with the whole family which we really don't do back home.

Although I am used to being literally alone everyday for the past 3 months, I will miss the noise that my sister and my nephew had established here in the house when they were here.

Getting used to how things are going to be from now on, is just the easy part.

It's the transition of changes that makes moving on a tough one.

What's making it worst are my parents, with every moment and every movement not failing to mention, "If the grandchild was here...."

People. Coming and Going. Leaving. Saying Good Bye.

Life is like that. Everything's going fine and people come into our lives changing everything. Then at one point, they leaves us whether by death or by travel. 


But we know that doesn't happen. We too are leavers at some point in our lives.

Just as it took my dad 2 years before he finally bought me a ticket to go here in the United States alone.

These past 2 weeks have made me realize that maybe it's not yet the time to leave my family and my home in Manila. Maybe I still need to live under my dad's roof for a few more years. Maybe because I need to spend time with them a little more before I make any further changes. But I will never regret that I had come here in the first place. I have learned so many things being alone in a different country.

As my dad always says, "Que Sera Sera". The future will be, will be.

And then a package arrives.... it's for my sister.


I made a Time Capsule for my Nephew when we he goes back in the states again.

"Goodbye Los Angeles! Don't Panic! I will be back!" from the words of my 7 year old nephew =)

Monday, September 27, 2010

122. good byes

We all knew this day was going to happen and this day was going to arrive so soon.

Even my 7-year old nephew was trying to contemplate the fact that he was going back home to Manila already. I bet he couldn't believe it too. There's no excitement of going back home when you don't have anyone to go back to anyway. Because the my parents and me are still staying here in the states for another two months.

Last night, I caught my nephew lying on the bed, spaced out and surprisingly his attention was off his PSP. You wouldn't notice what's going on because he is quiet. But the fact he IS quiet means to me that something IS going on.

So I asked him, "what are you thinking"

"Nothing", he said.

But then I whispered to him that he can tell it to me.

"I want to stay here in America", he finally admitted to me.

It's not surprising, but for a seven year old to feel these kind of emotions, is also heart-breaking for me. 

In the airport... we accompanied my sister and my nephew during their check in. It is different here in the United States because they are more lenient. Back in Manila, the only people who can go inside the airport are the people who either works there or is a passenger.

We lingered for a few more minutes before they went to the boarding area. My dad says he wanted to wait for the crew, but I think he's actually delaying. He does that. Even he doesn't admit it, he still wants to spend more time together.

But when those few minutes were up. My sister and nephew had to say their good byes.

I was holding back my tears.

And I watched their back as both of them walked towards their gate.

Ever since I started venturing on a Long Distance Relationship Love Affair, I am traumatized by goodbyes.

And yet, this is just the beginning.

In my life of loving to travel, I know I will still face more good-byes.

I hope in time I get used to it, because these tight chests are very heavy to bring with.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

118. a surprise visit from someone in san francisco

“Where R U now?” flashed on my cell phone. I could tell it was him. He was checking in from the far side of downtown, in hopes of catching me with some free time. “Still at home,” I texted back. “Thinking of u.” Then, just for effect, I added a smiley wink. I waited for a long moment to see if he’d respond. After a few minutes, his reply winked back:

“Dying to see u.”

It had been that way for far too long. Both of us had impossible schedules that made seeing each other difficult – especially now that my family came for a visit here in L.A. Even though we’ve spent glorious moments together when I was in San Francisco, the truth is that we never shared enough of those moments and both of us were aching for more. Clearly, the way things were working just wasn’t working out.

I typed back a response I hoped would pique his interest: “U have time now?”.
I had a good idea what his response probably would be. “4 wat? ; ) Where?” he replied.

I smiled, dying a little inside at the thought of seeing his fabulous ass again, filling out his thongs in just the right places. I could feel myself revved up with visions of his gorgeous brown eyes gazing into my own. I knew I had to get a hold of myself.

“Starbucks,” I typed. “The 1 near u.” I could tell he would be confused by that. He preferred bonding in private apartments to lattes in public places. We usually meet at his place or mine’s. By suggesting Starbucks, I knew his curiosity would get the better of him. It worked:

“OK. C U in 15 min.” I texted one last message: “Txt me when U get there,” then grinned as I snapped my phone shut. I headed toward the coffee shop, my mind already whirling with images of his glorious ass that would be mine for the taking.

He arrived at the coffee shop and pulled out his phone and began to text.

“Where R U?” It only took a second for my answer to flash back: “Walk 2 the bathroom. Knock 3 times! ;D”

He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He was so private. So high class. And now he was walking toward a rest room in a Starbucks about to do who-knows-what! “This can’t be happening,” he thought to himself. Yet with each step, he felt himself getting more excited. More tense.

More hard.

Approaching the rest room door, he knocked three times. The door opened a bit. Recognizing my sweet, smiling brown eyes, he moved toward the door, only to feel a strong hand grab his arm, quickly pull him inside and lock the door behind him.

It wasn’t me.

It was a me he’d never seen before. Standing before him in my underwear, I had the look of a tiger ready to pounce. As I moved toward him slowly, he felt himself getting more excited and harder at the same time. Our eyes locked as they moved closer to each other.

“We don’t have much time,” I whispered, drawing closer to him, kissing his neck. “And this isn’t exactly the best time or place….” he softly spoke, breathing in my intoxicating raspberry scent. Slipping his warm, large hands under my panties, he began kissing my hot, delicious mouth. He was beginning to grind into me, licking my ears and stroking my legs until I began to softly moan with erotic pleasure.

As our tongues intertwined, I reached down into his pants and grabbed his cock. It was rock hard and straight up – ready to pound me exactly the way I wanted it. This was no regular sex. This was rougher – and I was hot, wet and ready. As his hands drew them down my long, taut legs, I kicked my soaking panties to the floor, leaving my honey hole open and inviting. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him even harder.

He needed no encouragement. He was in full animal mode, his pants dropped to his ankles; his cock at full attention. Grabbing my ass with both hands, he lifted me and pushed me up against the bathroom wall. Lifting me up, he violently licked and sucked each of my nipples, taking as much of each tit in his mouth as he could.

I was on fire. Reaching down, I guided his hard, stiff cock into my warm, waiting pussy, now so wet that I could hear the gushing of its juices as his entry split me apart. He began heaving and thrusting, shallow at first, then deeper and deeper. To him, I felt softer and sexier than ever before. He’d never felt this powerful or strong, pumping me harder and harder, ramming me against the wall until I began moaning louder and louder.

As I felt I was completely filled with his hard cock, I began bucking my clit up against his taut, thrusting body. Harder and faster, we began to move in perfect rhythm. In and out. Up and down. Faster and faster until we both reached a frenzied pitch. We were out of control now, locked in passion in a public place where anyone could catch us.

Slamming into me again and again, he slowly pulled back and stared once more into my wide-open brown eyes. I knew what that look meant: “We’re both going to come at the same time…and that time…is…NOW!”

Thrusting at maximum speed, he unleashed a steady stream of cum, overflowing my pussy and dripping on to the floor, sending me into a spectacular, fiery orgasmic passion that left me shaken to my core.

We both fell silent, recovering from the passion, listening for customers on the other side of the door. There were none. We were safe. We were alone.

We were in love.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

114. disney's animation academy (family vacation day 11)

i have been busy.

ever since we attended one of the Disney's animation academy in california adventure. 

probably because i'm an animator myself.

WELL.. i WAS...

you know...

ART CLUB. lol.... (in my early elementary years)

and then eventually on the latter part of my elementary years I became the president of the
"young animator's club" (which was basically based on influencing my clubmates to vote for me and not really based from talent)

... and when I was in senior high school my elective was on Visual Arts.

pshhhhhh!!!!!.. i was NOTHING compared to my classmates' projects who ended up getting into the careers such as photography, multi-media, architecture, fashion design, advertising, and interior designing. (see the trend)

I.... on the other hand ended up getting into PSYCHOLOGY.

No matter how many artistic paraphernalia I had growing up (chalks, cray-pas, crayolas, colored pencils, water color, brushes, fabric paint, acrylic paint, poster paint, sketch books, colored pens),  I guess my interest in the arts will always remain as a hobby and not enough to go into a career. (Believe me... if you were my visual arts class, you will also agree.. haha)...

I remember creating a diorama of a house, and my furniture was not scaled well enough with each other. I had small doors but big chairs. Basically, that class was just a way of catharsis for me. I had a very gifted teacher who actually got an offer from DISNEY years back. But because he married early, and had kids... he unfortunately had to turn down the opportunity. With that said, I tell you he is THAT good.

Going back to Animation Academy. She taught us how to sketch Donald Duck. Did you know that Donald Duck is the Disney character who appears the most in all Disney movies??? Yes, more times than Mickey Mouse! What an odd fact! :)

That session of drawing Donald Duck, triggered me on going back to drawing again.
I grabbed more of those sketch papers and then
when I went home I googled myself a tutorial for drawing disney characters.

That made me busy from the blogosphere.

But mind you... my absence was worth it.

And now I release it to the blogging world.

I still have the artist in me after all =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

110. disneyland spooktacular (family vacation day 7)

 Walt Disney, you are a fucking G-E-N-I-U-S!

I fucking LOVE Disneyland. I will never grow old with it. I just want to go wild!!!!!!! I'm a Big Disney Princess fan that even my Debutant gowns were based exactly from the classic Disney Princess dresses.

Last July, I already went to Disneyland with my cousins. As I've mentioned I'm definitely going back there with my family, and so we did. (That's why I've been absent on the blogosphere, theme parks galore)

So anyway, I finally have the perfect scene to test my panorama feature of the new camera my dad bought for me. (panorama feature combines 2-3 pictures horizontally for wide scenes or subjects)

Awesome right?
it's so cool. that you must have unnoticed that this picture actually spells "CA II F R N" ... instead of CALIFORNIA. LOL

 My camera automatically combines 3 different shots so I can capture wide scenery.

I bet you didn't notice the cloned man in this picture too. SEE?

Where the fuck did the letter O go?

And after few tries.. I finally was able to get a good estimation and was able to capture the whole word without any letters missing.

You don't have to go all the way back just to capture the whole "CALIFORNIA". You wouldn't even notice that this was three different shots combined together. If you look at the entire picture, you would even realize that the floor seems to wiggle and that the "California" seems to be in an arch form. It's not some sort of illusion, my shots were just not straight enough. lol. I need to practice more on my panorama shots.

But hey it was cool!

Moving on. Disneyland was cool. (uh... DUH!!!!) but even cooler because Holloween is just around the corner and we were greeted with this:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

109. new things (family vacation day 6)

My dad woke me up this morning and asked me if I wanted to go with him and my grandpa to buy a fax machine (a fax machine is the only thing that my grandparents can manage to operate, aside from an electronic typewriter). He said that they were also going to pass by Walmart and that made me get out of bed. I wanted to check how much my Wii accesories are at Walmart (can you just notice that I've been mentioning Wii every day.

So I went out with them, without taking a shower.

It was a good decision because I ended up coming home with a new digital camera.

When we got back home, I quickly took a shower because my mom and sister and some other people were eating out at a Japanese Buffet Restaurant. THANK GOD FOR JAPENESE FOOD. I LOVE YOU!

Later that day we went to Toys R Us and as usual I went to the electronics section to check out their wii accesories. When I get a Wii Fit Plus, I definitely need to get myself a Wii Board Rechargeable Battery pack right? lol.

and my newphew got Woody from Toy Story 3.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

108. universal studios (family vacation day 5)

We caught a filming of C.S.I  (Crime Scene Investigation)

107. my first guest posting

I've been out the whole day (trying to have a life outside) and I wasn't able to mention the guest post I made for my dear blogger friend Jumble Mash :)

It's not much. and I don't know how it helps or affect any reader.

But the link is here. And I'm grateful for Jumble Mash for giving me the opportunity :)

The day has not yet officially ended here in pacific time, and I hope it's not too late to check it out!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

106. Time Traveler's Wife

Watching The Time Traveler's Wife, was just as similar to being in a Long Distance Relationship.

We both have to deal with every-now-and-then good byes.

Only time traveling was a bit more magical.

105. childhood regression (family vacation day 4)

Nothing today but errands and shopping for necessities.

Until we went to Target.

It wasn't really another shopping spree unlike yesterday. My dad will be here for quite awhile so there will be plenty of time and another chances to ask for another round of shopping. hihi.

My nephew and I went to the electronics part of the store (as usual checking my wii accesories).

And then we were checking out the toys section.

We enjoyed (yes including me) ... trying out the "try me" portions of every toy.

My dad and my sister did not have a hard time looking for us because they knew they would just find us in the toy section. My sister ended up buying play-doh for my nephew.

When we got home...

Everyone was busy preparing our dinner & I was busy doing this:

and this:

and also this:

*hihi* ...

and my 7-year old nephew made this:

When Clifford, the big red dog.. was still a puppy.
 I can't believe play-doh can even be MORE fun when you're already older!!!
Our Litter of Play Doh Puppies

Monday, September 13, 2010

104. confessions of a shopaholic (family vacation day 3)

What's a vacation without a shopping spree?

The best part when I'm with my family DAD, the price tags won't mean that much!

these are just a FEW of the things i bought :)

And as what all shopaholics go through with...
is the guilt you feel after. 

-------------------interactive thingies-------------------

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