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Saturday, September 25, 2010

118. a surprise visit from someone in san francisco

“Where R U now?” flashed on my cell phone. I could tell it was him. He was checking in from the far side of downtown, in hopes of catching me with some free time. “Still at home,” I texted back. “Thinking of u.” Then, just for effect, I added a smiley wink. I waited for a long moment to see if he’d respond. After a few minutes, his reply winked back:

“Dying to see u.”

It had been that way for far too long. Both of us had impossible schedules that made seeing each other difficult – especially now that my family came for a visit here in L.A. Even though we’ve spent glorious moments together when I was in San Francisco, the truth is that we never shared enough of those moments and both of us were aching for more. Clearly, the way things were working just wasn’t working out.

I typed back a response I hoped would pique his interest: “U have time now?”.
I had a good idea what his response probably would be. “4 wat? ; ) Where?” he replied.

I smiled, dying a little inside at the thought of seeing his fabulous ass again, filling out his thongs in just the right places. I could feel myself revved up with visions of his gorgeous brown eyes gazing into my own. I knew I had to get a hold of myself.

“Starbucks,” I typed. “The 1 near u.” I could tell he would be confused by that. He preferred bonding in private apartments to lattes in public places. We usually meet at his place or mine’s. By suggesting Starbucks, I knew his curiosity would get the better of him. It worked:

“OK. C U in 15 min.” I texted one last message: “Txt me when U get there,” then grinned as I snapped my phone shut. I headed toward the coffee shop, my mind already whirling with images of his glorious ass that would be mine for the taking.

He arrived at the coffee shop and pulled out his phone and began to text.

“Where R U?” It only took a second for my answer to flash back: “Walk 2 the bathroom. Knock 3 times! ;D”

He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He was so private. So high class. And now he was walking toward a rest room in a Starbucks about to do who-knows-what! “This can’t be happening,” he thought to himself. Yet with each step, he felt himself getting more excited. More tense.

More hard.

Approaching the rest room door, he knocked three times. The door opened a bit. Recognizing my sweet, smiling brown eyes, he moved toward the door, only to feel a strong hand grab his arm, quickly pull him inside and lock the door behind him.

It wasn’t me.

It was a me he’d never seen before. Standing before him in my underwear, I had the look of a tiger ready to pounce. As I moved toward him slowly, he felt himself getting more excited and harder at the same time. Our eyes locked as they moved closer to each other.

“We don’t have much time,” I whispered, drawing closer to him, kissing his neck. “And this isn’t exactly the best time or place….” he softly spoke, breathing in my intoxicating raspberry scent. Slipping his warm, large hands under my panties, he began kissing my hot, delicious mouth. He was beginning to grind into me, licking my ears and stroking my legs until I began to softly moan with erotic pleasure.

As our tongues intertwined, I reached down into his pants and grabbed his cock. It was rock hard and straight up – ready to pound me exactly the way I wanted it. This was no regular sex. This was rougher – and I was hot, wet and ready. As his hands drew them down my long, taut legs, I kicked my soaking panties to the floor, leaving my honey hole open and inviting. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him even harder.

He needed no encouragement. He was in full animal mode, his pants dropped to his ankles; his cock at full attention. Grabbing my ass with both hands, he lifted me and pushed me up against the bathroom wall. Lifting me up, he violently licked and sucked each of my nipples, taking as much of each tit in his mouth as he could.

I was on fire. Reaching down, I guided his hard, stiff cock into my warm, waiting pussy, now so wet that I could hear the gushing of its juices as his entry split me apart. He began heaving and thrusting, shallow at first, then deeper and deeper. To him, I felt softer and sexier than ever before. He’d never felt this powerful or strong, pumping me harder and harder, ramming me against the wall until I began moaning louder and louder.

As I felt I was completely filled with his hard cock, I began bucking my clit up against his taut, thrusting body. Harder and faster, we began to move in perfect rhythm. In and out. Up and down. Faster and faster until we both reached a frenzied pitch. We were out of control now, locked in passion in a public place where anyone could catch us.

Slamming into me again and again, he slowly pulled back and stared once more into my wide-open brown eyes. I knew what that look meant: “We’re both going to come at the same time…and that time…is…NOW!”

Thrusting at maximum speed, he unleashed a steady stream of cum, overflowing my pussy and dripping on to the floor, sending me into a spectacular, fiery orgasmic passion that left me shaken to my core.

We both fell silent, recovering from the passion, listening for customers on the other side of the door. There were none. We were safe. We were alone.

We were in love.

This post was just merely for your entertainment while I have pending drafts due to a busy schedule with the family vacation. I'm sorry to dissappoint you but none of these events actually happened (how I wish though!). This is another story I got from hoochy mail*.=)

Hoochy Mail. "HoochyMail is the first internet service that allows you to create a thrilling, explicit erotic fantasy about yourself and your special someone, doing all sorts of exciting and sexy things, in all sorts of exotic and interesting locales!"

On the other hand, my family being here in L.A. is true. You can check out what I have posted here.


  1. hahaha fooled me again, you and your hoochy mail. Hope you're having a fab time on holiday.

  2. hahahaha i miss you alice... talk to you sometime soon. ill catch up

  3. You fooled me too! Hope all is well with you! :)

  4. Haha! Tried this one and it's kinda freaky but fun! :)

  5. Hehe. Your writing sure pulls us in!!!!!!



  6. Lol ... wait. Did you write it? Or did hootchy mail write it for you? Haha. I'm confused on how that website works.

  7. Zabrinah, then you should try and visit the site yourself! lol:)

  8. And for a moment I thought I was reading LITEROTICA.

    and personally I think, literotica is way better than hoochymail when it comes to erotic story telling.

  9. hi xyz!! thanks for the info. imma check that out! :)

  10. Waaaahhhh!!!! Akala ko totoo! Hehe... Parang bumabasa lang ko ng romance novels. Hihi. I don't know if I could write something like this.. You surely fooled me into thinking this is real. Hehe.. Nice, Miss Innocent. =)


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