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Thursday, August 19, 2010

66. G.I. Joe & Denny's

Today was my boyfriend's officemate's day off. (didja get that? :))

Well, basically... I asked him if he could pick me up and drive me to this mall because I wanted to get these G.I. Joe dolls that my cousins also got for only $10. I had to get them soon because they were collectibles and they don't make them anymore. And they are just for $10!!!!

They are second hand but they are expensive if sold on E-Bay. I'm not going to sell them for higher price though... It's for my nephew because he's been wanting to have G.I. Joe dolls since last year when my dad went to the states.

When my dad went back home in Manila and didn't get G.I. Joe dolls for my nephew...

my 7 yr old nephew was like "OH NO!!!! Grandpa forgot!!!!"
my mom: "forgot what?"
nephew: "my G.I. Joe dolls!!"

Dad said, 'he couldn't find any' ...

really? ... how hard is that to find G.I. Joe dolls? or you just didn't look.. didn't you daddy?

classic dolls

Well, these dolls I got are really hard to find.. because they are vintage. The old G.I. Joe. The classic.

new version

But I bet you can buy any G.I. Joe dolls at any toy store, like these ones I saw from downtown L.A.

I didn't get these new versions... aside from the fact that I knew my nephew was going to the states too, I thought that it really didn't look like a G.I. Joe doll to me. Even though the box says so. They did cost $20 each and had a button which makes them "talk" ... I just thought I shouldn't buy it first because the battery might not last that long. (And they look ridiculous for a G.I. Joe doll)

That's the new version. I'm happy with my purchase. They didn't talk. But they do look like G.I. Joe troops. PLUS they are "collectibles". Yeah my nephew won't understand what collectibles are...
but at least I feel like I got a good deal.

What am I saying? I paid my credit card for it. So technically my dad paid for the G.I. Joe dolls..

Either way.. it IS a good deal :)

What's much better is my nephew's going to love me for it! HAHA

So anyway later that afternoon, my friend (my boyfriend's officemate that is) went back to San Francisco. I came with him too so I could be with my boyfriend right after he gets off from work. Yippie

We didn't have any plans... but I knew I couldn't go home late because I didn't want to bother my relatives and the baby. My boyfriend wanted to bring me to Twin Peaks. I was just sitting and thinking of a way where I can probably stay in San Francisco.

I suddenly tried calling the old house I first stayed at when I was still with my evil half aunt (my dad's older half sister). The owner of the house said that yes, I can stay at their house for a few days. This house was less than 5 minutes away from my boyfriend. We both got excited that we didn't bother going to Twin Peaks anymore (we were lost anyway). We drove back to San Jose, I packed my stuff and went back to San Francisco to treat my boyfriend dinner.

We ate at:

Suddenly when we were just about to order... I got a text from my dad in the Philippines. He found out that I was planning to transfer and he said not to leave my uncles house in San Jose! ... I got so fucked up and pissed!!!!!!!! He is such over-protective! He's doing it again! He just ruined my entire night! and I didn't even got to eat my dinner! Good thing I charged it to the credit card that HE was paying.

(My daddy issues are complicated, I know that I'm in the other side of the world now and you might say I can do absolutely anything without him knowing.. but I'd rather not explain because this is not a daddy blog... this is a blog about my boyfriend and I going through Long Distance Relationship.. lol)

My boyfriend also got pissed because he said he didn't want to drive me back to San Jose (again). But he had no choice. And I he knew his grandmother was going to check on him anytime. I told him that he also got excited for the moment (about me moving to the friend of my aunt's). So it is both for us to blame.

I told him, that he shouldn't be feeling to hassled because he will only feel like this while I'm here. And I'm not going to stay any longer. So he should just suck it up and cherish the moment that I'm here. Because when I leave... yes gone are his problems of sneaking under the noses of his relatives, but gone am I too.

He goes "*sigh*... we just talked about this earlier... why can't we be contented? I just told ourselves that we should be contented with what we have right now... we are already lucky enough that we are able to see each other for a few moments... we should never push it.... we should learn to accept that we need to be contented with what we can have for now...."

That was it. That triggered me. I shouldn't push it anymore. The situation right now isn't easy. I know I want to be with my boyfriend 24 hours 7 days a week like what we had when we were in Manila. But we are in California. This is not the Philippines anymore and we are in the United States. Things have changed. And we have to wait for our own time to be legally back in each other arms again without hiding or lying to anybody about our relationship.

Lesson learned: Never push it.

In life and in love, we are required to fight for it... but it has limits.

We also have to wait. For the right time.

Like in war... winning a fight requires patience and the right timing....

I've given up. For now.

All I want to do is go back to L.A. and

Accept the fact that I'm never going to see my boyfriend for another 6 months or more. 

Appreciate that after he left the Philippines in February...
I thought I wouldn't be able to see him in two years.....
but I am lucky that I am able to be with him twice. (June & August).


  1. Ah thanks for your comment - it is always good to know that you like my secrets. I love action men dolls - my grandma has some really old ones from when my dad was a boy (about 50 years ago). They have proper hair and everything.

  2. That stinks :( I know were glad to get the time you did get with him though, so that's good. Sometimes you lose a few battles, but in the end you win the war. (Does that make sense only to me? LOL)

  3. Your dad reminds me of my uncle! Though I wouldn't call my uncle overprotective. He is more like a control freak. I agree, sometimes, you just have to try not to push it. :)


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