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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

125, operation REVENGE of a silent bitch

contradictory to the old saying... (Revenge is a dish best served cold)
Revenge is SWEET when served HOT. 

The old saying suggests that if someone does something bad to us, it is better to pay them back later in time, not immediately. Vengeance may be more satisfying if it is not inflicted immediately.

But not me.. I like it HOT & FRESH.
ergo, revenge that is inflicted immediately.

Revenge is SWEET when served HOT. 

Besides, if I wait on a later date.. people will just accuse me of "not getting over" with it.

Why am I so vengeful you ask? Refer to this.

In fact, I'm already too late because I just discovered this NOW. She even dares to defend herself that it happened a long time ago and the picture was already months old (is 4 months really a long time ago??)

I guess it's not that hot anymore... my revenge is already warm BUT STILL IT TASTES SO SWEET!

My image may look like a nice quiet ignorant and gullible girl.
But as they say.. "Beware the fury of a patient man"

The war has begun.

My boyfriend continued to explain, the stories that the common friend had told. (common friend of slut and I).

He was so furious on that common friend trying to confuse the stories.

I told him, "You shouldn't be mad at my friend. Be mad at your slut! Those stories CAME FROM HER"

I know my boyfriend made a mistake. They both did. But still he's my boyfriend and she's a slut. So my anger is mostly on the girl.

How can that girl really think that my boyfriend likes her? or STILL DO?

When the fact that during the time when I haven't even met my boyfriend, THAT girl stood only as a "booty" call. He never took her seriously. And that slut is such a fool to even fall for my boyfriend again, and again, and again.

Fool her once, it's his fault. Fool her twice, thrice or even more.. then who's fault is it?

The way that the "common friend" (she's really closer to that slut, i was just an old friend back in elementary), and the "slut" made it look like was that my boyfriend still likes HER and wants HER back.

Seriously? You really FEEL THAT WAY?

My boyfriend's big mistake was sending the wrong signals. He would flirt and say words that would sound believable but he's just playing. Oh common! He had done this to her ages ago.. TWICE! Haven't the slut read the "pattern" ???

My boyfriend could be an asshole this time for making the girl feel that he likes her. I've been there before, boys making me feel they like me. But I've learned my lesson the FIRST TIME and the ONLY time that happened. Whenever guys would flirt with me through words, I flirted back. But there was entirely no meaning put into it.

But to the slut? ohhhh common. you are so overwhelmed. You think you are really that sexy??

real picture of her

You have the words SLUT written all over your face!

OKAY their reason for the picture is, my boyfriend told me that they were talking about how the slut lost weight after giving birth. My boyfriend did not believe her that she would lose weight because she already looked like a haggard old woman. So she decided to send a picture to prove herself right.

According to the slut, same story only it was my boyfriend who kept on nagging her to send a bikini picture. (that's a bikini??? it totally looks like a bra and panty to me)

Bottom line... it was still HER CHOICE to send a picture or not.

Bottom line... if you wanted to show a picture just to prove how you have lost "weight" after giving birth, DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO SEND A HALF NAKED PICTURE OF YOU AND POSE LIKE A HOE?

I did not know that babies grew in the boobs...

No wonder she had to show her bra....

As for my revenge.. it's a long story to post it here....though if you are really interested with the whole story  just tell me...  =)


  1. Mismatched undies. :))
    Let her be, girl. She's a waste of time.

  2. @Novie. lol sorry. im a born warfreak. i can never let it pass... she will never learn, until make her. ;)

  3. Hey stay cool...

    Btw, need help? i want War too :)

  4. Miss Innocent,

    I commented on your last post! And I read through this one twice because it's kind of addicting.

    Here are my thoughts. You can call them advice if you want to. But, it's really just smoe commentary on the situation. Some of it will be nice to hear. But, not all of it.

    Before I share my ideas on the situation, I have to tell you a little bit about myself. This past summer, around the time I started the blog, I got my heart broken my email. I went to my best friend, wanting her to call him a jerk and make me feel better. But, I also asked her for advice. I asked her to help, even if it hurts now. I wanted to be okay in the long-term. My best friend provided me with both parts. Hopefully, I can do something similar for you.

    1. This married woman (who has a child!) is so wrong for sending that picture. It's completely out of line. It's not something tasteful that can go along with that "pregnancy weight" excuse. And that's a HORRIBLE excuse, by the way.

    2. I'm so happy that you can identify how your boyfriend may have led her on IN THE PAST. But, you maintain most of your anger towards her. Yup. I agree. It's annoying when people don't get the message: "He doesn't want you."

    3. Some people aren't like us. They honestly don't learn the first time. Or the hundredth time. If they don't want to learn, if they're not willing to feel the pain of rejection, then they're not going to.

    4. Revenge isn't worth it (gulp, sorry!). I can't abort your plan, and I don't know if I want to. I think my intention is to simply get you to read my words. We really need to be careful about what we waste our energy on. We only have so much of it to last a lifetime. I know this 58-year-old man who got cancer in 2005 and managed not to miss a single day of work. I asked him how he did it, and he told me about energy: don't waste it.

    This ex-booty call of your boyfriend does not DESERVE your energy like this. If I were you, I'd be just as angry. I would be a warfreak intent on revenge, too! But, I would go to my best friend and we would cuss her out. And then, my best friend would tell me not to plot out a revenge. And I would want to argue, only because I'd see she had a valid point. She tell me that this married woman has something missing from her life--an emptyness and she's trying to fill it. She's been trying to for years. But it CAN'T be filled. That void is sadder/more harmful than any revenge.

    I hope you don't hate me!

    Email me if you want to talk some more.

    I'm there for ya,


  5. Read the whole thing... All I can say is wow...
    I agree with Novie... Waste of time lang 'yan... Siya lang din naman nagpuputdown sa sarili niya. Keep yourself together and stay awesome ! ;) Worthier pa. ;)

  6. Just read your posts. Grr! I hate these kinda b*tches. Go kick her flabby ass babe. I support you. ;)

  7. Eh, revenge takes up too much time. Move on.

  8. She can't match her bra and panties so she obviously is not worth your time.

    Glad you joined our linky today. Have a great week!

  9. Uhmm... I've read both entries. Understood the whole thing.. Well, I have some points here.. though not all of them would be what you would want to hear.. Here's what I have to say..

    1. The emails - Your boyfriend told you that this girl and him.. they haven't been in touch for months now. Then you saw the emails. Well then.. why are you so angry at the girl? Who lied to you?
    2. The family - I don't know why you have to tell his whole family. I mean, the issue is between the two of you.. you and your boyfriend. No one could really fix the problem except the two of you. So I honestly don't see the point of involving his sis, grandma and mom..
    3. The picture - You saw the girl's picture on your boyfriend's email. It's very obvious that the girl sent it. Question. Why is it there? Why did your boyfriend save it? He could just see the picture and delete it, a long time ago.. But why is it there?
    4. Girl's husband - I don't know exactly what you are feeling. I'm not going to say that I do understand.. but I don't think revenge is the best way to deal with it. It would be a waste of YOUR time and energy.

    There.. Those are my bits of opinion. I hope you won't hate me.. Hehe.. I'm just being a friend here. And friends don't just agree all the time. I'm simply saying that.. it takes two to tango.

    Though I know that it hurts and you feel betrayed or whatever, and yes, it is understandable that you would want to wring that girl's neck and see the life choke out of her.. It's not all her fault. It's your boyfriend's, too..

    So my advice would be... What's done is done. Just let her be. And focus on your boyfriend. Talk things over.. maybe something is wrong with your relationship. So talk and do something about it. I hope everything will turn out fine.. *fingers crossed*

  10. She's definitely not worth your time. Wasting your time and energy thinking about her only gives her more power. You've got the man, and she doesn't. That's all the revenge you need.

  11. Ummm.... This girl falls for your boyfriend again and again and just doesn't "get" that he doesn't want her?

    In my experience, girls don't just fall for someone again and again when there is no reason to believe he absolutely doesn't feel the same way.

    You need to reexamine this whole situtation, and chill a little.

  12. WOW! Very soap opera'esque!! (Def. counts as a Fawk You Friday post!)

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  14. Oh I have missed reading your blog! You write in such a hilarious way. How are you doing? x

  15. Oh, totally not worth your time. I cannot believe she sent that pic. Totally out of line on so many levels.

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