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Thursday, August 5, 2010

51. bringing the old school love back

I remember during my high school days, when sending mushy love text quotes to boys was a BIG thing. When I mean big, it held a whole new meaning behind it. i.e. you like him *hihihi*

And recieving quotes from a boy, gives shivers to my spine. Good shivering if it is from a boy whom I like. Bad shivering if it comes from a boy that turns me off (blech!)

There are even books being published for where you can copy text quotes. Let me put it this way.
It was our way of "conventional" flirting. or, "conventional" courting for our generation.

With these simple pre-made text messages, brought a lot of heartaches to many. Simply because it led to many misunderstandings. You thought you had a mutual thing with the other party, but you discover it meant "nothing" for him. It was so misleading to the fact that I myself also had my first heart break because of text quote messages. (Very silly isn't it?)

My guy bestfriend and I even had a game before, where I send a quote (whatever the quote may be about) and he replies to the message with another quote. (I can't believe how cheesy we were at that time). But it was also a way to collect text quote which we would want to send to our "crushes". lol

But now, sending love quotes have slowly become unpopular. May it be because my friends would refer to it as childish? or old school? or maybe because there aren't enough love quotes roaming around thus no quotes to forward anyway.

Now that I've been thinking about it, I'm starting to miss receiving love quotes text messages. It may not bring back same shivery feelings like in high school. But it's still different to be conventional, right?

Like when a guy writes love letters using pen and stationary scented paper.

or when he uses stamps & envelopes than just merely sending an email.

In application, I decided to send my boyfriend a "love text quote".

"Love, it has been said, is a form of amnesia during which a woman forgets that there are 1.2 billion other men in the world."

His reply:


See my point? Nobody appreciates love text quotes now as much as they have been appreciated from the past. But I did not feel bad with his reply. In fact, my attempt was a successful one! 

I've always given my boyfriend personalized pen and paper letters, and I have already sent him personal romantic emails. But none of which did I feel it really recognized, reciprocated or remembered. Turns out that sending my boyfriend the least amount of characters which consists pre-made cliches, attracts his attention the most.

And now, I'm off to collect suitable love quotes to send to my boyfriend. I think I'm going to start and making this a ritual. :) As long as I mean what the quote I will send.

Feel free to tell me any love quotes you might want to share. I would truly appreciate them. =)


  1. Hi there,

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  2. nice post.. me too missed those days... khit na magastos magtext dati go go go pa din.. kesa ngayon mas cheap na nga at minsan libre pa dahil unli ang text eh nkakatamadan na magtext ang iba...


  3. haha. hi nafacamot. yup napaisip nga rin ako ang gastos ko pala magtext noon, kapag bored kelangan meron akong "textmate". napaisip din ako wala pa namang unlimited texting nun :)

    or siguro kase dati hindi ako nagbabayad ng bill ko. haha

  4. I like to send my hubby corny pickup lines. My absolute favorite is "If you were a booger, I'd pick you first." He loves that one!

  5. Enjoy your blog. My boyfriend and I started out long distance. It's noo fun, but when it's right, it's right. Right? :)

  6. @jess, lol that's a good one :) but witty text messages are still popular to forward. lol

    @jena, SUCKS . yeah. lol :) but at least it'll really test you to to realize what and who we really want to live with for the rest of our life:) and when we do get back together again Im never gonna let him out of my sight! lol

  7. Yea...don't you wish boy's just get it sometimes? lol that is a very nice quote, i think I am going to use it for mines

  8. Maybe because anybody can send and receive the same quotes, so nobody take it seriously now. It became a "forward to anybody" quotes, so it lost its true meaning. :) btw thanks for dropping by & leaving comment, love your header, honestly..

  9. Here's one of my favorites:

    "Love is a obsession...someone you can't live without...I say, fall in love head over heels...find someone you can love like crazy...someone who will love you the same way back...How do you find him?...Well, forget your head...and listen to your heart..."

    I got that from the movie "Meet Joe Black"...I had to play-pause the movie just so I can write that down...LOL!

  10. J.Ashley: we girls just got amnesia lol

    Josie: oh no. i think it's the contrary, in the past they had meaning. the essence of quotes now have diminished.

    Sassychick: thanks. lol .. i will try to fit that in 160 characters and forward that to my bf :)


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