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Saturday, August 21, 2010

69. a perfect day at the boardwalk santa cruz

I finally have the guts, mood, or energy to make this post. I've been putting it off for a long time already. (present date: August 31, 2010. date of blog: August 21, 2010.) I don't think I'm really in the mood for it but I am forcing myself to get it over with.

It's like I'm having a writer's block. How do I start blogging about my boyfriend and I's perfect and only date when I went back to Northern California last week. Oh sorry, rule #1.. all dates are final. So let me rephrase that, this was his only day off from work, thus we had a whole day together! This was actually what I was really looking forward for when I decided to book back to San Francisco. The money flying here was worth it.

We spent the whole day at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.

It was saturday, so there were a lot of people at the boardwalk today.

A lot of people at the beach side too :)

My souvenier.

My remembrance.
This day was just perfect..

Well. I couldn't really say that we spent the whole day walking along the boardwalk. That would be exhausting. We had to rent a room near it. Oh well, yes we just had to of course. The reasons behind it well, let me just say we needed some privacy. Heck, I'm sorry but long distance relationship isn't that easy when you need to satisfy your sexual urges. Just imagine the sacrifice of being apart right?

We had the whole afternoon and the whole room just for ourselves and we fvcked each other like I couldn't get enough of it. I wouldn't let him rest, even for awhile. We even had it on video on my cell phone. We had sex like it was our first and last time. Sad to say, it was our last time... until we meet again I guess, which was going to be probably next year. (noooooooo!!!)

My plan was really to stay for one more week, and hopefully next saturaday we'd have our whole day together again and get more hard core sex. Unfortunately...because I already had a hard time staying at my uncle's place because of the new born baby, I had to rebook earlier than my original departure.

You would probably think why can't I just stay at my boyfriend's apartment. Well, he's staying at his grandparent's place and since it was a secret that I was in town, of course I couldn't stay there.

Later that night, after our perfect date... I booked my flight to go home to L.A. on Tuesday.

Even though I haven't met with some of my friends here in the north, going back to L.A. sooner didn't make me feel bad... aside from because I only had to pay $16 for the itinerary changes... but because today was so perfect and I wanted to mark our last memories together just as it is. Perfect.

 Not fighting... unlike the last time when we separated.

Today was so perfect that I felt that it was already enough memories which will be good until we see each other again next year. That's why re-booking for an earlier flight wasn't really much against my will. The day was so perfect, that I will leave San Francisco happy and contented. Besides, I have a sex video on my phone and I will just take a look at it every time I get lonely.(hihi)

We had to learn to be contented right?... we shouldn't push it.
With all these unfortunate circumstances whenever we try to be together, the universe right now says, that we have to be apart. FUCK THE UNIVERSE!

Our time will come when we will be back together again.

And get some hard core banging :)

*ergo this is my 69th post*


  1. I've been in the long distance relationship before. It's tough! Good luck!

  2. You're a horndog here lately...

    I'm liking it.

  3. jess,feelin some lesbo lovin' there. lol. well it was basically for "documentation" purposes anyway :)
    glad you like it hihi


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