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Monday, August 23, 2010

71. Movie Marathon #1 Toy Story

I can't believe my boyfriend just told me now about this discovery he had (months ago).

He told me "you didn't ask me" ... But how would I ask if I didn't even know he knew! UGh. He could have at least shared it to me. ....*mumble*


I found this out when he said "I watched 3 movies at work today".
I was like "online"?
I'm like "WHAT'S THE WEB ADDRESS!!! TELL ME!!!!" (lol)

The first movie I was so eager to watch was:

Toy Story 3

I'm SUCH a loser and so lame that I haven't watched this movie. I think I'm the last person to have NOT watched it! My friends in facebook were all posting stuff and reviews about this and I feel so left out.
Hey, I'm the Disney fan here!!

Anyway, finally I get to have my own review. My friends DID make me look stupid!!!!(lol) They were like "I cried when Woody died :'(". Since I haven't watched it, all I could think about was 'Thanks for being a spoiler'. But how can Woody ever die?! He's the star Toy of the show! But it might be true.... since people seem to say he did. And it's official, I'm so gullible. Lol.

SPOILER ALERT: Woody did not die!

But I did cry.. just like everyone else said. I cried because of the Movie Theme, of moving on and letting go. I can't believe Andy donated his toys.... But it is a good decision too because now his toys get to be played with. I also felt the sadness when Andy's mom got emotional because he was going to college. I don't think I want to experience my child moving out for college. I guess it is the trend here in the states. (I wish I grew up here so I could have moved out! lol) ... But if I'm the parent, it would be so hard for me. Not because I'm going to be an over-protective mom but because now that I am experiencing a Long Distance Relationship with my boyfriend, I don't want to experience it ever again in the future. Being away with my hubby or with my child for a very long time, is now my new fear. I'm traumatized by experiencing long distance relationship with my soul mate.

That scene of Andy and his mom, reminded me of the day that my boyfriend was leaving the Philippines for the United States. My boyfriend's mom was just in their room and his dad went outside and said "go to your room and talk to your mom". His mom was crying. That was so sad. I can't imagine experiencing it.

Anyway going back to Toy Story 3, Disney movies just amaze me so much. Their animated movies do not just target young audience but they are for everyone. Just as in the Movie: UP, Toy Story 3 teaches us a lesson about our relationship between our sentimental things. It is nice to put value on to little things that we have. It is nice to have something remind us of our fondest memories. But there would always come certain circumstances that we have to learn to let go of these things because it is the better choice. Things that remind us of our best memories are wonderful but we should also remember that these memories are also kept forever in our head. So it doesn't matter if we don't have pictures or items to remind us of someone. We shouldn't fuss all over about it. What does matter is that we don't learn how to forget.

I should speak for myself because I am a very sentimental person. Heck, for my whole stay here in San Jose I've kept all the receipts from the purchases that me and my boyfriend had every time we went out. Is that silly? lol ...

Bottom line. I am sad that this might be the last Toy Story sequel. They had ended it. But it was a good end.

*tears* I love you Woody.

reach for the stars....


  1. I still haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet. What's the website??

  2. oh yes!! i AM NOT the last person to watch this movie after all :) lol


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