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Friday, June 18, 2010

15. Los Angeles ... or is it Las Vegas?

It has been a semi kinda long day...

We had a 6-hour drive ahead of us....  and we left around past 9.. in the evening.

We drove through Highway 405 which was like a never ending road to nowhere... it was like 5 hours in that high way... waiting for next stop.. to next stop...  looking for civilization.

The only interesting sight I saw was that there was literally a car burning up in the middle of the road!! ... I was too slow to take a picture of it. But it was a sight you don't always see in your own eyes. We did not know if anyone was inside the car.. oh how it probably blew up... it was just an unusual sight.

Other than that.. it was just roads roads.. and a very long road.

My boyfriend was driving alone. I wished that I could drive the highway.. but the cars are just too fast here in the states. Although it was just easy because it was a very long straight road ahead... it was night time so he didn't accept the idea. The least I did was not sleeping at all... 6hours awake with him. evening 'till early morn.

Okay fine.. I admit, I may have dozed off a few seconds but I was still fighting it!! If i fall asleep the driver might fall asleep too, so I was there to wake him up and warn him to be careful and not drive off the road which he slightly almost did.

Other than that, we arrived my home in L.A. around 4'oclock in the morning.

BAD idea to travel that far at night... really really bad.

The somewhat good and somewhat bad news is though, we are going to Vegas tomorrow! Yippee. His relatives flew there earlier from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

To be honest, I didn't really approached the "idea" of going to Vegas with optimism. Simply because I was just thinking that I just arrived L.A to see my grand parents and I'm going to flee at once to head to Vegas? He was disappointed with my response because he thought that I was going to be excited. Of course I want to go to Vegas, but aren't we going to do stuff in L.A. too?? and how am I going to tell it to my grand parents.


Again with you and your stupid itineraries... SERIOUSLY. My boyfriend isn't a very good event organizer. I wish he doesn't surprise me with plans anymore if he's just going to make these AWFUL ideas.

He's all so excited when his uncle gave him that idea for us to follow there because he has never been to Vegas and he wanted to accept the opportunity of being invited. I wanted to tell him that he should also learn to say no to invites and not always act like a puppy wherever and whatever his uncle makes him do. I know he's his uncle but sometimes he does things without thinking if his body can handle it. Always pushing himself to the edge and doesn't stop until his body breaks down on him. Overdoing everything! I believe if he says no to his uncle, his uncle WILL understand.

But then... I wanted to understand him that it was his first time going to Las Vegas...

I understand his excitement but common please, your going to drive 6 hours from San Francisco, then go to a 4 hour drive to Vegas, stay for just one night then come back to L.A., then stay one night and you go off to San Francisco already the next morning? ... He's crazy!

But he said it's going to be okay for him and that I shouldn't mind his driving as long as we go to Vegas. Just imagine the time we are going to waste in driving!

What a f*cked up vacation with my boyfriend. We're spending most of our time in the car.

But yes, we are still going to vegas. 

Let's hope everything turns out great as he imagined it to be.

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