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Sunday, August 1, 2010

45. it's a perfect day to have a picnic by the beach

My cousin's friend is having a birthday party at the beach today. It was a picnic by the bay. Well, at the grass part at the least :) But it was still fun doing something different. My cousin almost left me in the apartment because I was spending too much time on the internet. lol.

La Jolla Beach

The Grill
The Food looked freakin' GOOD!
eating with tortillas the mexican style

I did not notice that my boyfriend was trying to call me. Although I was constantly checking my Yahoo! Messenger earlier for his reply to my "hi", apparently he replied just when I wasn't hoping for it anymore.

He called again and I was able to answer it this time. Oh he was mad. He was pissed because I wasn't able to answer his calls earlier and he was trying to find an explanation from me. I was just out of words because I just did not notice! He wanted me to explain why I did not notice. I'm like .. what the f? What DO YOU want me to say?

He was accusing me of having "too much time" and "enjoying" too much. Boy was he crazy. HAHA.
I was barely even talking to anyone! I was just walking around... eating steak... and watching people play volleyball. Oh, I did talk to the kids... lol

He said that when he calls, I'm supposed to answer it right away no matter what I was currently doing. He also said that whenever I'm going out, I should let him know.

Oh, correction... He said that I should ASK PERMISSION first before I go out and that I should wait for his approval first, regardless who I'm going out with. Even though it will be my cousins, he said he won't care whoever it is.

He asked me who I was with at the picnic. I said "my cousins and their friends' family & kids".

He said "What do you mean family & kids? How old are your cousins?"

I said "late 20's and 30's"

He said "They're old, why do you have to come to the picnic?"

I said "huh? I'm staying with them, here in San Diego. Of course I'm going to hang out with them"

He said "I don't care"

I said "You are abnormal"

He said "go back to L.A."

I said "why?"

He said "because I don't like what you are doing there anymore"

I said "NO" (but what I did not tell him was, I was really going back to L.A., later that afternoon) And when I go back home, I wanted him to feel that I went back to L.A. because he said so, and personally I'll have someone to blame if I get bored again back at my grandparent's place (^_^) and that he shouldn't have any excuses if I end up bugging him again.

So ANYWAY, he told me why he wanted to talk to me in the first place. He said that he "saw" my "SLUTTY" pictures on facebook and he wanted me to delete it.

I'm like, "what pictures are you talking about?"

He said: "your vegas pictures. I don't care if your friends are like that, I don't want you copying them".

I'm like chuckling already, "what pictures are you talking about??"

He was pertaining to the picture where I was "pouting" my lips. 

I said "hahahahah Oh babe, if you miss me so much you don't need to start a fight you know."

I do this sometimes.

for my boyfriend, we fight when he misses me... lol

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