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Saturday, July 31, 2010

44. mexican candy

My cousin brought me to a flea market because I told him I wanted to buy a specific mexican candy.
Since San Diego is near the Mexican border, I expected that I would find my Mexican candy here.

This Candy

When I was younger, my other cousin introduced me to this spicy and sour chili mix. We bought this Lucas candy back in Mexico, 10yrs ago. My bestfriend and I have been talking about this all the time back in Manila and recalling our weird childhood cravings for unusual food. We end up asking ourselves if Lucas was really a candy or really rather a seasoning for cooking or something. lol

We asked my Mexican student once,  if she knew what Lucas was. She said "Lucas??? we just made that last night!" I asked, "is it a candy? or seasoning?". I really cannot recall anymore what she said, but she did say she was going to Mexico soon and my bestfriend & I told her to bring us back some Lucas. Well, of course... she didn't haha... But we WERE serious you know.

I tried searching it on the net and used the keywords "Lucas Mexican Candy". Apparently it is listed under candy. And when I got to the flea market there was a whole stall full of assorted mexican candies!!! and lucas was one of them... only they had changed the packaging. And it had more flavors.

And damn for a little dude, it was pretty expensive. I was thinking they would sell it wholesale. I wanted to buy alot!! But I feared I might develop kidney stone in the long run... lol. Better control thy self.

I also bought this Tamarind soft candy which me and my bestfriend referred to as the "candy with the hair". We really couldn't recall what the name was but I finally found it again. I showed the pictures to my bestfriend and what I bought for her and she just wanted me to come back home soon! She claimed her mouth was watering already. I wish I could find these in Walmart, maybe they're selling whole sale. That flee market was just a total rip off. lol. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

43. San Diego Padres vs. Florida Marlins

My cousin and his girlfriend brought me to my first San Diego Padres baseball game today.

To be honest... their mascot was really ugly... lol ... I feel bad for "Padres"/"Priests". They have been symbolized as a fat bald guy. Aren't mascots supposed to be cute??

I really enjoyed the part when they randomly showed people at the big screen. People's reaction were just the same... At first they look like bored people -_- and when they realize that they are being aired on the screen they suddenly become all so perky  ^o^ . So cute!

And the kiss cam was even cuter :)

awwww how sweet. I definitely miss my BF now! *hihi* =)

42. i think i'm obsessed

My cousin brought me to the indoor mall on wednesday, the seaport yesterday, and the outdoor mall in San Diego today. Shopping. Looking around. Chillin' out. and eating snacks. That's basically what we all did.

As much as possible I tried to keep myself busy and focused on the present activities that I am currently doing, I couldn't help but let my mind wander around. I kept thinking about going back at my cousin's apartment. Logging in my computer. Talking to my boyfriend on the internet. Although, I have yahoo messenger on my phone, I was just not in the mood to move around. Not because I'm lazy, but because I'm having a hard time enjoying the moment anyway.

I was even having a hard time to look around or buy anything. All I could just think of is how much I just want to be with my boyfriend now. It seems that nothing could keep me busy anymore or keep my mind off my boyfriend. Obsession, that could be the word to describe.

It's worst than a break up, I could cry my heart out and eat my way out to depression. This was not depression that chocolates, ice cream and romantic movies could take away. This was misery. I'm out with my cousins, and yet my mind is still about my boyfriend. No matter how much distraction I try to redirect my attention too, it just doesn't work. I'm going crazy. It's like I have my world.

I'm miserable.

My boyfriend told me to just enjoy the baseball game that my cousin and I are going to watch later tonight. I'm not really a sports fan. But I guess it might just take my mind off this misery. Even just temporarily.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

41. inception

My dad called me in my cellphone while my cousins and I were out grocery shopping. He was scolding me something like about my boyfriend scolding me. I was so confused at that time on where he gets these stories. But I couldn't really defend my boyfriend much because yea, my boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot recently but it's nothing that my dad would ever know. My boyfriend and I's arguments are always discrete. Except of course once back in San Francisco, but my dad doesn't talk to my boyfriend's relatives. No one would even dare too. lol.

Anyway so I messaged my boyfriend telling him he is once again "bad shot" at my dad. (i.e. my dad hates him again). And I told him that my dad is scolding me because my doesn't like when my boyfriend is scolding me. Did you sorta get that?

So I told my boyfriend:

SEE!!! YOU SHOULDN'T BE SCOLDING ME! YOU'RE BAD!... I was really hoping that my boyfriend would make sense out of it,

and he was just like.. "So." ...


And he's like.. "just kidding." ... My boyfriend is such a silly human being.

Tonight, my cousins and friends watched the intriguing Leonardo Dicaprio movie: INCEPTION.

I remember when Titanic was a hit when I was young... My classmates would just die for Dicaprio. And we were in 4th grade! what sluts! lol

Before I watched the movie, I saw this trailer roaming around Facebook. Dora the Explorer comes to Life. It was freakishly freaky as well as an interesting trailer.

Mind you... I was actually expecting for Dora to be in the movie! lol But yeah.. sad to break the news to you, she wasn't there.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

40. yummy sushi

Yesterday, I tried cooking some frozen waffles (eggos) and frozen hash browns in the microwave because I couldn't find any toaster. I BURNT THEM HARD CORE! I do not know how stupid I was because that was just an easy to cook frozen food!

I guess I'm still just so used with the lifestyle in Manila where you have someone do to everything for you.

Today was my second day in San Diego, and I really had no plans in mind. Everyone was at work this morning so I had to prepare breakfast on my own. This time I was getting better at cooking "eggos" and "hashbrowns". Back in L.A. my grandparents cooked food everyday. I don't actually miss it. I'm actually getting the hang of eating frozen food the "American" style.

For the rest of the day I was eating frozen food. (well ofcourse I heated it, but you get that)

But for dinner, my cousins and I went out and they treated me to Yummy Sushi.
I just LOVE Japanese food. And the Japanese food here in the States, despite ideally coming from the same origin, it is prepared differently in the Philippines. I guess it also depends on the availability of the ingredients. Like here in the states they replace Mango with Avocado. And it's also weird they changed the "maki" to "rolls". My favorite maki is Califonia Maki. Now that I am actually IN California, it actually makes me wonder which "roll" is authentic, the one in Manila, Japan or California? lol....

Well either way, I want to go back to Japan and eat ALL the Japanese food I want. Except those with raw fish, I love Japanese food but I just don't like anything that has raw in it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

39. despicable me

On my first day of San Diego, I went to visit a college friend. Lucky for me she just lives a few minutes away from my cousin's place!!! =) Well, few minutes if you drive... but I was planning to walk -_- I google mapped it and it listed 20-30 minutes walk away!

Good thing when I woke up my cousin's girlfriend was on an afternoon shift for her work today. Yipyip! I asked her if she could drop me off at my friend's house.

What we did? Starbucks. Despicable me. Shopping.

I <3 Despicable me!!!  Agnes is sooo cute!! "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!" If you haven't watched Despicable me.. then sucks for you! lol Disney creations are just soooooooo awesome.

Here's a sample of the trailer:

I had so much fun with my classmate. We took a lot of pictures. and I have never been so vain!

I bought a Nine West shoulder bag, A Little Black Dress & A sweet White Flowery dress that I'm going to wear at a Christening on August. And oh, I also bought cute traveler's make-up which was only THREE FOR FIVE DOLLARS!! Cheap! It's LA colors brand. Please don't mislead yourselves, I'm not the type of girl who loves make-up. lol I'm not even really good at putting make-up on. The make-up sets was just SOOO cute! (and cheap). That I had to buy. Especially I don't have make-up here in the states, and maybe it's about time that I put make-up once in a while.

Ohhh my Boyfriend is going to K-I-L--L mee!!!! lol. He hates make-up on girls :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

38. pool party and barbeque

Good Morning San Diego!

I woke up at around 11:30 am, or rather my cousin woke me up. He was damn surprise that I was still sleeping. lol He made me breakfast (he's a guy btw) aww so sweet. And told me that I have to get ready quick because we were going to the pool today. Good thing he reminded me of bringing a bathing suit.

the swimming pool
the grill

Pool party slash barbeque, but we really did not have barbeque served.
It was, steak... uhm sausages, and burgers....

some left over food

This is a really cool kind of Vodka :) It's just like drinking Tea. Only it kicks the least you expect it and knock you out without any warning. (that's, if you lost count in the glasses you've taken)
the alcohol

All the while, I was with my cousin's friends. They're a bit older than me, like late 20's or even 30's. Some of them even already have kids. I felt like a real teenager among them.

I love it when I'm out, because I don't end up thinking about my boyfriend and agonizing about how bored I am and bugging him to entertain me. Today is a Sunday, so he has work. As I've said before, I hate Sundays. I love doing something different for the day, because that makes my boyfriend miss me. lol. Because I don't bug him and now, he ends up bugging me.

And so as I expected, he called me on my cellular phone. We talked a bit, and then my battery went out. I so wanted to talk to him that I actually went back home to my cousin's apartment to charge my phone. I felt a little bad because here I am, having a chance to socialize (which doesn't happen everyday of my vacation), and there I go, isolating myself to talk to my boyfriend (which I do almost everyday).

But it just seemed different when he's the one who's eager to start a conversation (because most of the time it's me who wants a telephone conversation). So I took that chance and while he was in the mood. My boyfriend was at work that time and maybe he had some free time that's why he wanted to talk. There I was at my cousins room, charging my phone, watching Disney's Princess Diaries and talking to my boyfriend. It was a very lovely moment, but not for so long. It was his lunch break, and I realized I should be getting back to the "party". *hihi*

But talking to him made my day... even better than it already was  :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

37. San Diego

I'm off to a new City!

As my cousin promised me when we saw each other last weekend in Vegas, he picked me up today and brought me to their place in San Diego. We got stuck in traffic for hours. Until he realized, a lot of people today were going to San Diego because of the yearly Comic Con.

I've already heard much about Comic Convention because my other cousins from L.A. can't stop talking about it (remember they even brought me to a comic store?). They were one of those people going to San Diego because of the "big" event.

Apparently, for San Diego citizens themselves, the idea of comic con isn't that much of an excitement (either they find it geeky or probably because they live there so they're sick of it). But I find it amazing though, how people have prepared so much for this, including their own costumes and imitations of the characters they idolize. It was like, Universal Studios. lol. HECK, I can't even come up with a good Halloween costume for myself.

From what I've heard and seen on TV, comic convention is where all marvel superheroes-related stuff are being shown, writers, props etc. (and maybe also about other comic creations, i.e. "Comic" con) and even Hollywood stars come to visit, promoting their recent movies. That's an interesting geeky-event (hey, I'm not a San Diego citizen so I find it interesting, lol). But I don't think I would enjoy the crowd. I just love the thought of seeing Hollywood stars (who wouldn't right?).

But oh, we saw Danny Da Vito.

So anyway today, my cousin and their friends and I, went to downtown (where a lot of comic con fans were). Most of my cousin's friends were married or getting there, but I enjoyed listening to their stories. I was practically mute the whole night. We also went to this bar where I saw my first electronic bull ride - or whatever you really call it. Unfortunately, I didn't have the guts to experience it but I did want to. Probably if I were with people I was comfortable with, I would have... lol

Friday, July 23, 2010

36. a whole week of nowhere

I spent the rest of the week, resting and practically doing nothing but again surf the internet the whole frickin' day.But a lot of things have been going on with my boyfriend and I recently. I am mad again. Is it a pattern that whenever I have consecutive days of boredom I end up thinking about too much and getting too emotional?

This week I received an invitation from my uncle back in San Jose. It was the Christening invitation of my soon to be born cousin. This means I'm going back to San Francisco again. I have long removed the idea that I still wanted to go back there. But until recently I realized and told myself, why should I let my boyfriend & relatives hold me back to my plans? I mean, they have already ruined much.

And because of my plans of going back to San Francisco, brought back again a lot of complexities. Complexities of where I can stay (because I cannot stay at my boyfriend's relatives anymore, obviously) and complexities that my boyfriend will again go M.I.A (missing in action) once I'm around.

I told him, well you ARE definitely going to be missing simply because they are trying to take you away from me. And now we have no choice but to keep secrets from them. I was so mad and frustrated because now I'm feel all these stress, because I did want to go back. I did want to go to my cousin's christening. I did want to meet more of my friends in Frisco. And most of all, I did want to see my boyfriend again and do things we weren't able to do before.

Again cross my frustrations. My confusions. My hate. My questions. Why? Why are they doing this to me? Why are they making such extreme decisions? Do they even care about what I would feel? Well, of course they won't... I'm not related to them.

But in the end I had to decide for myself.

I booked a flight.

I'll be keeping it discrete from his relatives and anyone close about my flight back to San Francisco. The heck I know they don't want me to be there, well then the more that I would want to be there. Who are they to ban me from going back to the bay? I left my heart in San Francisco.... and I want to go back and get it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

35. fat tuesday on a saturday (Las Vegas)

Today was a whole new day for Vegas.

Basically... what we did was walk around the Strip with Fat Tuesday Daiquiris Drink in one hand

Fat Tuesday is that popular shake in Vegas mixed with alcohol,
placed in the famous elongated yard glasses.

May I just say, that Walking + Drinking Alcohol is not a good combination. Especially if you have a long way to go if you want to go back to the hotel and that the temperature outside is about 98 degrees and above.

Today my cousin did not plan to go clubbing tonight (see yesterday's club). One reason is that a couple of minors have arrived to be with us too, and that included her boyfriend. It's okay because it was a different experience as well.

More exciting and good news was that my other cousin (who lives in San Diego) turns out to be in Vegas too!!... He just found out yesterday that I was in Las Vegas also for the weekend, but since I went clubbing last night we weren't able to see each other.

Tonight, we met at the ARIA Gold Lounge. It was (obviously) located at our hotel and they're just starting to promote it so its a Buy 1 Get 1 drink that night. I ordered an Amaretto Sour. First because I like sour things, second because you don't really taste the alcohol. So I always buy Amaretto Sour in bars. lol

Well, that's unless there's another drink that you can suggest. I'm just so sick of Margaritas, Mojitos or other mixed drinks that you taste the alcohol. I'm just not that of an explorer enough and I always stick to the ones I'm familiar with. lol

So anyway, my cousin and I had talked and I've said that I've been trying to reach them for weeks now!! And finally we were able to plan my San Diego visit.

Next week will be a new city for me to explore :)

prepare for my arrival San Diego!

Friday, July 16, 2010

34. surrender in Las Vegas

I'm back to Vegas again and this time I hope to create memories that would replace the disaster memories last time I was here. I can't help it though that it still brings back feelings of missing my boyfriend because I was with him the last time I was here.

We stayed at Aria
I went here with my cousins and their friends. One friend of theirs just turned 21 recently and she wanted to celebrate it in Las Vegas, doing what 21 year old can do, clubbing.

This is my first time to go Vegas Clubbing too and it was AWESOME. I meant, the clubs there. Though I just went to one club. lol. It was an outdoor club, thus experiencing Las Vegas heat. UGH.
That part, was DREADFUL and I had to pay $8 for a freakin' water bottle. RIP OFF!!! lol


Other than that, SURRENDER club was nice! =)

See? lovely club

Steve Aoki

I had fun with the girls!!! But I did not have fun WALKING ALLLL the way back to our hotel.
with heels!!! plus don't forget the HEAT! ... I literally had to walk barefoot.
But the streets of Vegas was clean anyway, so I didn't mind.

oh by the way I have to show a picture of the shoe I wore :)

My H&M Grey Suede Ankle Boots

My boyfriend's aunt gave it to me and I am soooo loving 'em! =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

33. the sorcerer's apprentice

I'm off to spend the night over at my cousin's place again. We're going to Vegas tomorrow.

But tonight, we were off to watch Disney's THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. 

It was a pretty witty movie. And of course, it's Disney, you wouldn't have to question if it IS good. =)

Reminds me of Mickey Mouse fooling around with the Wizard's hat.

Monday, July 12, 2010

32. H&M and Forever 21 (again)

Today, I had a goal.

A goal that I just could not put off further anymore because I can't sleep well.

Today, I'm going to shop at H&M and Forever21

And my goal is to buy the same clothes I bought there while I was in San Jose.
Only in Different Colors. lol

I read it somewhere... something like a girl buy's the same style with different colors.

Hey, so it's just natural you know!!!! lol =)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

31. a week of hate

I spent the whole week watching Avatar: The Last Airbender up until the last Book: Fire Element.

other than that, I so feel bad that I'm going to be stuck here at home for the weekend!!!!! NO PLANS! what the hell.... So I had to make sure something's going to happen to me next week. I told my cousin's friend, I wanted to go shopping. We're going out on Monday, weee. I really need to go back to H&M and Forever21.

I have to keep myself busy everyday, and make sure that I make plans. Because if i don't, my mind just ends up wandering and missing my boyfriend. Including questioning a lot of things about our relationship and most especially starting to hate his relatives.

Why do they want us to break up? Can't we all just go along now and cooperate? Yea, my boyfriend blames me again with the incident back in San Francisco. But now, the decisions from last  June 23 just started to sink in. I started to feel the consequences of our agreement. I wasn't allowed to text him because my number will show up in the bill, nor can I call him. He cannot just call me anytime of the day because he's always with his relatives. And I shouldn't even talk to any of his cousins or anyone connected to him back in San Francisco. I was supposed to "lay low" which was a very hard task for me since I am too attached to his family already and I'm just to sociable to resist talking to any of them.

I started questioning my boyfriend that, there can be other alternatives and that he just doesn't want to defend himself against the decision of his relatives. Heck, its not even his parents who's requesting for us to break up. It's his' uncles and aunts. This week, I have said a lot of I hate you's and I hate your relatives and I hate everybody. That was just what I felt because of what they are doing to me. I just couldn't understand why.

If they wanted me to cooperate to their project they could have just told me. I know I made an awful reaction but things can be discussed. Not by telling me to stay away from my boyfriend. They're just making this long distance relationship even more difficult. They don't realize that the decision they have made just makes my boyfriend even "more distracted". So many questions. So many hate.

People are just not giving enough reason, when I know there can be other alternatives...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

30. fourth of july

i've always wanted to be in the states on 4th of July, it always seemed so exciting!! fireworks, independence sale, parties... But unfortunately, I spent my first Fourth of July at home... in front of my computer.... surfing the internet. lol

So maybe because, we're not Americans? We really didn't have anything "prepared"? ... Well, we were supposed to go out but my Grandmother suddenly didn't feel so good so my grandfather and I just went outside to buy takeout. There was BARELY any store open.

My cousins on the other hand were having a barbeque at their place, but, I couldn't bare leave my grandmother at home could I? At this "special" American holiday. Oh well... I'm sure your fourth of July was one of your best memories so please just keep it to yourself. =( lol. BUT the day wasn't really a total waste anyway... I started watching Avatar: The Last Air Bender Book 2: Earth, online.

Ever since my cousins introduced me to this series, I got hooked!!!! It was so so good!

I'm so glued to going to the next volume....
and to the next.... and to the next....
until I realized I need to sleep.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

29. the GPS of the what generation

Today, was a really nothing day.

But my grandma has been really nagging me to "review" on my driver education.

She keeps on telling me that I need to review so that I could take the exam because you won't survive here in the states if you can't drive. (I've been here for 1 month now, I think I'm still alive). Well, as if it was that easy to apply for a driving test. I don't even have Social Security yet. lol

But in any case, to please her and to familiarize myself with driving rules here in the U.S. I started reading the manual.

I know how to drive. I've been driving in the Philippines for years now. Only I still need a driver's education simply because if you've been to Manila, or if you've experienced driving in Manila, I think you will agree that there are NO driving rules in the Philippines. lol. I mean yes there are rules, but it's just paper. I don't think people have seen that paper too. Oh, I'm just being ridiculous.

People here told me "Well, if you can drive in Manila, surely you can drive here".

But yes, I know how to drive... I'm just afraid of the cops here. *hihi*

So anyway I wont discuss what I learned today because it will just be a waste of blah. But I will share what my grandmother gave me. It's supposed to be a sorta-"GPS" ... or something like it. I said that I needed one because I am SUCH A LOSER in directions. When I was in High school, I even got lost when I wanted to go back and visit my Elementary school. And I've studied there for EIGHT years! lol

So anyway, my grandma goes "I have a GPS"

errr..."What is THAT thing?"

uhmmmm granny, I don't think I would dare use this. The probabilities of getting lost will be even twice as higher if I trust this "talking road navigator" to lead the way.  F.Y.I the voice is SOOOO IRITATING!! I couldn't find the off button that I had to remove the batteries.

Whoever invented this "thing" must've lost A LOT in his investment. Or maybe not, maybe it won't even cost that much to invest in this "thing" ... lol

Friday, July 2, 2010

28. disneyland & california adventure


You have NO idea what kind of a disney fan I am. I even dedicated the whole theme of my 18th debutant party to Disney Princesses! My GOWN is based from Sleeping Beauty & the other one is like Jasmine's. I'm totally a KID when it comes to Disney, oh please.. I know, WHO ISN'T???

My cousins brought me to Disneyland today, and it was also my first time to go to California Adventure. Last time I was here, they were just starting to build California Adventure.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

California Adventure Entrance

We did not have much time to go to so many rides because of time constraints and the lines.. But we DID watch a lot of shows! From World of Color, to 4th of July fireworks and Fantasmic. That caused us a LOT of running from California Adventure to Disneyland in just a matter of few minutes. But it was deym worth it.

maleficent dragon

World of Color & Fantasmic are just WONDERFUL WATER & LIGHTS SHOW!!!

Although for the World of Color, I think you might appreciate it better if you weren't too close to the water show (aside from that you WILL get wet!). You will be able to see the whole thing better from afar. :) BUT it was still deymmm pretty!!! <3 I love disney. Seriously, to die for and you will NEVER get sick of coming back again and again.

I get sad though, when I think that THIS was a place that I WANTED ME & MY BOYFRIEND to go to. But, I don't want to put anymore high hopes because it won't happen. It would take him like almost a miracle to have the time and opportunity to come down to L.A. More so, to take me to Disneyland.

But anyway, I'm now so looking forward for my family to get here. I am SOOO excited to bring my 7 yr old nephew to DISNEYLAND! He will soooo freak out! =) and he may never want to go home anymore! (now that would be a problem)

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