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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

106. Time Traveler's Wife

Watching The Time Traveler's Wife, was just as similar to being in a Long Distance Relationship.

We both have to deal with every-now-and-then good byes.

Only time traveling was a bit more magical.

At the beginning of their marriage, all I could think about was WOW, how brave and very understandable the Time Traveler's wife really was. Her husband would disappear and be unavailable to the most important events in their couple's lives. But as every women would feel, the absence of our true love would eventually go against our emotional needs.

Being a time traveler's wife nor a simple traveler's wife is a very difficult situation to be in.

(unless of course he takes you with him =))

We feel the utmost excitement when we see each other again, but then we always face ourselves with the same pain whenever we say our goodbyes. Sometimes, I feel that while I am in a Long Distance Relationship, I'd rather not see my boyfriend in between. Because I know that when we see each other anytime soon, we would have to say our goodbyes all over again.

But if I were a time traveler... I would travel back to those times when we were in Manila and we would see each other every single day. If I were a time traveler, I would travel to the future where we finally get to be together. A future where this long distance love affair is over.

In the movie, the time traveler had a gift. But with his gift, he also had to face tough consequences of knowing what his future is destined for him. Death. I know every one of us will eventually end to that point in our lives. But knowing or even having a thought of when & how you die is freaky, right? Especially when you know it IS going to happen. If you knew, would you try to make things different? Would you try to navigate events and hope that you had change the end result? To try and save yourself from dying?

From what I think, I believe that it has all been written for us.

Even though, when we have tampered with a certain situation.... I think that the course of nature will re-route itself but we will still end up with the same result. As like in a GPS, even if you make a wrong turn.. it will automatically make a new route but the same destination.

Don't you wish you could time travel? I know everyone of us would want to go back to a certain point in our past to relieve the memories again or even yearn to go back to our past in attempt to change something we wish that hadn't happened.

As for me... I don't have anything I could think about that I could change in my past.
(Aside from probably saving more and spending less)

Probably because whatever happened in the past that was not in my favor, new things have come back in return which gave reason for things that have happened.

Everything has a reason.

That's usually my compensation.

Whether I find the reason an hour later, or a week after. Or even after months and years.

I always give myself a pat at the back, console myself and tell her

"Hey girl, it will be alright. Everything happens for a reason."


  1. Awww... Well I haven't seen the movie yet... I've been planning to but then I would forget. I will definitely go watch that movie.

    If you ask me, I don't wanna go back. Right now, whenever I face challenges, all I can think of or feel is excitement as to what the reward is in the future... Everything has a reason and that reason is a gift. :)

  2. I suffered from a long distance relationship a few times. It wasn't great. I know how you feel. BTW...we are fellow Sagittarians,

  3. This is one of my favorites! So sad that he has to leave his wife every now and then. :( But on the lighter note, it strengthened their love for each other. :)

    You're right girl, Past is Past and whatever may be in store for us in the future is HIS plan. Remember, we're also travelers in this world. Not a time traveler though but we're just passers-by. The real place where we belong is somewhere up there. :)

  4. I have seen the movie and it really is a touching story. Makes me believe in love again. :)

  5. You know what, I didn't realize it until you mentioned it, but being a time traveler's wife isn't very different from being a traveler's wife is it? Interesting. The idea resonated because I'm in a long distance relationship myself.

  6. This is my favourite book I've ever read, and I recently watched the movie again and it just reminded me how much I loved the book, and haven't cried that much in a movie... IN A LONG TIME.

  7. Didn't read the book, but did see the movie. It was a very interesting, odd, but good kind of movie.

  8. I enjoyed the movie, but hated being in a long distance relationship. Love is really tested when you have to go the distance. I'm glad I found your blog on the blog frog.


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