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Monday, August 23, 2010

73. Movie Marathon #3 17 Again

Zac Efron Marry Me.

So Okay. After watching Toy Story 3 which was about Andy going to college & The Diary of A Wimpy Kid which was about Greg's life in middle school, I decided to watch 17 Again which was about going through high school all over again.

Just as you know, it is a total coincidence that the movies I chose to watch online were about school life.

These are just the movies that I so wanted to watch for a long time now.

17 Again

This is an old movie, but I haven't seen it. I want to watch it because it's starring Zac Efron. I thought it was a similar movie like Thirteen going on Thirty, where you get to relieve your past and change your future. But then again, if it was... then it wouldn't make so much of a difference right? 

17 Again, is also about relieving your past but making a new and different future. Unlike in the latter movie where a change in the past changed everything about the future, Mike in 17 Again was given another chance to become a high school student again in the present times. It sounds familiar from a movie I've already seen but I can't seem to recall it right. 

Let me see. If I were 17 again, then I would be in college. What would I do? I've always thought about taking a second bachelor degree and becoming a freshmen student again. That would totally be a new college life because everyone would be like, new to the school, and I would be comfortable and know a lot of stuff going on. I've always imagined going on the same classes and being able to go through it smoothly because I've already taking it up.


At 17 I was in freshmen college. And when I was in freshmen, I ran for student council and I lost. I joined a political party so early and became an active member which meant that you would most probably automatically earn yourself instant rivals. That would mean whoever is the member of the other political party in my school. But there were also advantages of being part of the political party because there were like certain sisterhood or brotherhood. Even if you don't like the person but you are in the same political party, you still end up as allies. 

But seriously, if I was 17 again, I think I know how I would handle it and become less of a war-freak. I would have practice early the difference between being professional and being personal. I would have probably gained more friends who are members of the other political party. And maybe, if I was 17 again, I would know how to win that student council election. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't have much regrets. I love my college life and how it all went. Good or bad, every experience was worth it. The movie just started to make me wonder...  

"Yeah, if I was 17 again in this present time, what would I do?"

I would bring an Ipad to school instead of my laptop. That would be so cool.

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  1. I love this movie because 1) I think Zac Efron is ADORABLE; 2) Chandler's in it (Matthew Perry); 3) it's a cute movie.


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