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Thursday, August 12, 2010

59. friday the 13th bad luck warning

Tis' true that not everything that you expect, will happen.

I expected to go to San Francisco tomorrow and meet up with my boyfriend.

I expected to shed a lil' tear or two the moment I step out of the airport and see him standing there waiting for me.

I expected that we'll be going out for the rest of the night, book a hotel, and then spend the rest of the whole Saturday in San Francisco just us together. 

But as I said, not all that you expect happens.

From the moment I changed my booking to San Francisco from
August 12, 2010 Saturday to August 13, 2010 Friday.

Do you believe in Bad luck? Are you superstitious? Well, I'm not totally a superstitious person. But I believe in some, such as "knocking on wood" to take back what someone just said or you said in order to avoid the bad consequence or bad luck to come true. I used to be afraid of black cats crossing my paths too. My dad would always say "turn your plate clockwise" when he's about to leave the house & if I was still eating, that's supposed to give him a safe travel on the road. Hey it's better safe than sorry right? lol

But I don't believe most superstitions though like "seven years bad luck if you break a mirror", or "don't cut your nails at night". Neither do I believe that it's bad luck to open your umbrella inside the house. There are still a lot of superstitions that I find silly. Speak for myself, I believe in some (lol). But what I meant is that there are superstitions that are just too... unbelievable like "Don't take a bath on a Friday" (there's a Philippine book about that and other beliefs).

So tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Was it a good idea to book a flight on that date? I couldn't change it anymore because that was just the perfect day (that and also the booking fees). To meet my boyfriend right after his work, and have the whole Saturday (his only day off), together. Morning till Evening.

I don't believe in Friday the 13th. Heck there has been a lot of Friday the 13th back in the previous months/years and nothing has really happened. Plus, I don't want to think of any bad stuff happening because of "law of attraction" that thinking about negative things will just attract negative events. Why would I even want myself to attract that? ---> (is this considered a superstition? or the secrets of the universe)

But the truth is........ I did have been feeling uncomfortable for the past days that resulted for me not getting too excited about tomorrow's flight. It seemed that the more I got closer and closer to the date, it did not really excite me but it was more like "oh, I didn't realize my flight is this Friday already". I had this feeling that everything's going to fail. Where am I staying. Who's picking me up. What happens if the word comes out and I'm in town. As I've said before, my boyfriend's relatives shouldn't know that I'm in town (complicated story). And now I wasn't really sure if I have any place to stay.

Then *BOOM* Law of Attraction.

My boyfriend called me up and he told me that he had a very very HUGE problem. and DAMN was it really huge.

They were having a family outing this weekend. And they were leaving tomorrow.

B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T ...!!!!!!

I went wilddddd as hell!!!!!!!! to the point that we were already going to BREAK UP! I told him not to go, but he already tried that. And I went wild. I told him to take me with them, but we were supposed to pretend we broke up already, so that's not a good idea. Besides, I'm not in the mood to be with his relatives and act like "everything's" okay which is not. Because I still have hate in me towards some of them. I'm not a good "pretender". I'm not a good "plastic" (pretending you're nice but you don't want to be). I told him that to tell them I'm arriving. But that would ruin our ENTIRE SNEAKY and ENTIRE HASSLE FREE SECOND SAN FRANCISCO PLAN.

i hate your family!

That's probably not true.. but that's what I really felt... of course I don't really hate them... I used to love them. Well, I still do. I love my boyfriend's relatives so much like my own. But I just hate what they're trying to make me do right now. All these sacrifices of being away with my boyfriend.

So that's it. My advance Friday the Thirteenth badluck. They just HAD to plan out an outing just the day I was arriving. Was there a leak??? Did they intentionally plan this to ruin my LIFE?!?! (okay, a little exaggeration there but that's how I feel so give it to But seriously, WHERE was I going to stay now?? and HOW am I going to go to my relatives in San Jose for the christening of my new born cousin on Sunday? HOW THE FVCK WILL I GO FIND MY WAY IN SAN FRANCISCO alone. Worst, WHERE AM I EVEN GOING? No one to save me. and with NO IDEA how to go anywhere. I'm a tourist! This is my first time to travel alone. And I'm going to be fucked up.

I just wanted to go wild.

Cry. Shout. Curse. Hate my boyfriend and everyone else.

Then blame it because I booked on Friday the 13th.

I guess I'm lucky though, that I knew it the day before the 13th itself. (worst is when I end up in the airport waiting for my boyfriend and I find out that they've all went out of town)

It was an advance Friday the 13th sort-of warning.

I'll just update you guys tomorrow what happens... it's either I'll be blogging in Northern California.
or still stuck here in L.A. on my laptop computer Bored as hell.

For the mean time... I'll be packing... just in case you know...


  1. ohhhh no. that sucks so bad! hope it goes ok xx

  2. Whoaaa... that's crazy! Why couldn't he get out of it? Family is important and everything, but he should have put his foot down and said no, so he could spend time with you! (I don't know the whole story with you and his family though!)

    I hope things work out.. and make the best out of your time in SF! Maybe plan to go to one specific area that way you don't have to drive everywhere and get lost (which is what I'd do.. I'm terrible with directions!)

  3. girl is this such bullshit!!! I swear if he doesn't spend the time with you instead . . . I would just end things because this is ridiculous!!

  4. That really sucks. However, I'd say BOO to the bf. He needs to man up and tell his family he already has plans. You guys have been planning this for a while, right? I'd be super-pissed. Tell him to GROW A PAIR.

    Sorry, I just hate it when a man gives in to his family all the time because he's a chicken. (Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything....)

  5. Be brave! All the best with traveling and the quirks of family.

  6. Great post

  7. lol ... I've gone WILD on him already... I've gave him the worst already you guys... hehe but thanks :) ...


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