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Sunday, August 29, 2010

82. substance over style

Ever since I started this new blog which was born and dedicated on my long distance relationship, I didn't think that one day I might blog about something else other than updates of my life. By these I meant blogging for advertising purposes, or blogging about blog rolls, or answering surveys, or even participating in blog awards. But I guess blogging about blog awards is going to be an exception this time since I am grateful that, even though I just intend to write and document my LDR, people recognize and appreciate my posts as well.

Although I am not really a fan of blog awarding, I want to participate because I want to also share to my readers and recommend the great blogs that I have found and that I have been following.

The award that I will be talking about in this post is the "A Blog with Substance" award. Although the button is a feminist, I will not limit myself to choosing only female awardees. Assessing the awardees has been a very difficult task for me. For one, because I follow tons of blogs. Secondly, I don't want to limit myself to those friends of mine who have received the same blog award as well. Third, I had to really assess what kind of substance the blog has that makes me read it. (You don't have to do descriptions, I just want to take the awarding seriously since this is my first blog award post)

It is a big deal,it is to me! This award was given to me by Jess of "it is a big deal, it is to me!". She is a new friend that I have gained in this blogosphere (whom I met from 20something bloggers). Although we don't get a chance to really have personal chats to get to know each other, I know I will soon get to know her better as we keep in touch with each other's blogs. Right Jess? I really appreciate your comments because I do feel a sense of communication happening around here.

Anyway going back to business, this award has certain conditions which are:
 •Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words.
•Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

My blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience (in 5 words? crazy. this one's confusing)
Any case, that's the rule so... My blogging philosophy is I believe that writing is THERAPEUTIC (1). And I blog because I LOVE (2) to write and I once wanted to be a JOURNALIST (3). I am motivated to consistently maintain this blog and it's quality because of my BOYFRIEND (4). Even though I also talk about my experiences in TRAVELING (5).

I just had to put my 5 words in sentences because those 5 words won't make any sense in answering if it was a philosophy, motivation or experience. 

And the most important part of this post is sharing 10 blogs that I find with substance. (blogs arranged in no particular order)

1 Jacky.Rants.Stuff. - Jacky is a guy blogger. I found him because of his long distance love post which actually he apologized for because it didn't make sense coming from a person who is actually in a Long Distance Love. Recently, Jacky is M.I.A. (Missing in Action), but I made this opportunity to read his previous posts. It is unusual for me to find a guy blogger, more so, a guy who can actually write something aside from nonsense mumblings with sentences that jump from one topic to another. What's impressing is that, what he does write is actually funny and interesting. I'm not sure if he is trying to be funny but reading his posts and from girl who loves to read cosmopolitan magazine, he already made a hilarious impression. "Hey Jacky, stop being busy and update your blog. I know this award is feminist but I sure hope you put this in your blog too.. lol"

2 JBUDD NEWS - I met JBUDD in a forum I made in 20something bloggers. I was looking for active Filipino Bloggers and he caught my attention because he says he isn't Filipino but he can understand and speak the language. His blog is also interesting because, like jacky, I found another guy blogger that made sense. The content isn't too heavy, but it isn't too light either. He also blogs about food and his secret recipes. My favorite one is the El Frozen Burrito. Thank you Jbudd, making a burrito has never been easy since your recipe.

3 Love, Pink - This time this blog with obvious reasoning comes from a girl blogger. She doesn't say much in her blog since she probably uses photoshop to create her messages but her posts say a lot itself. It's simple, it's creative, it's personalized and it's girly. She is currently on vacation, but I sure hope that when she comes back she is able to update her blog with her beautiful posts. My favorite post is "My Childhood", because she also posted little things that reminded me of the childhood trend in the 90's.

4 MiDniGHt DriVer - Midnight Driver is a Filipino blogger who blogs in our local language. Although it limits him to readers who can only understand Tagalog, I do ask him how he got so many readers. Well he doesn't know and I do hope that one day I get a lot of readers too. What am I saying, how many people would be interested in my love life right? lol. But Midnight Driver's way of writing is different which most probably is the reason why there are a lot of Filipinos following, reading and commenting on his blog posts. His latest post was a poem about the current challenges the Philippines is facing right now. I think either he has the talent or he has too much time on his hands, because the poem was actually a good one. Tell me if you understand it :)

5 Guys, Boys & Men. - This next blog is another feminist blog but of which I also love to read . The title speaks for itself already and the blog entertains me as much as reading Cosmopolitan too. Few of the posts i love is the 11 things man should never say to you & where have all the real men gone? I don't have much to say about what the substance of the blog is, but the blog title speaks for itself already. Simply put it this way, I'm a girl.. and I can relate.

6 Colors not yet invented - Amanda's blog caught my attention because of her header and the poem she displayed beneath it. She is a mommy blogger, but she is different and I find her substance in blogging simply because her blog posts does not revolve around her kid or her hubby. Unlike other mommy bloggers that flood pictures of their cute kids and blog everything what the kids are doing, Amanda keeps the identity of her kid to herself by placing a smiley on her kid's face. lol. I find that cute Amanda. Lastly, I am not really a fan of blogs that blog all about handicraft creations but Amanda's blog keeps me entertained with her own crafts. Like the Woody Costume she made for her kid. You really deserve that versatile award you got earlier this month because your posts are just so as it describes! That's good because it's not boring.

7 Confessions of a Single Girl - I love single girl's blog because it's just like reading the "confessions" portion of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Spilling out juices and stories that are like secrets. Her blog description tells that she blogs about sex and her dating life in college. I hope that when she finally gets hooked she wont stop blogging even if technically she isn't "single" anymore. Her stories about dating this stranger seems like unbelievable but whether it is true or not, it is still entertaining. I'm glad that she has the guts to share her experiences because you have no idea what kind of images pop into my head. Which is fun. Love you girl, good luck in the arena :) and don't forget to tell us what's next.

8 Between me and my thoughts - Between me and my thoughts is blog owned by a Filipina who writes about the randomness things that comes up in her mind. Yes it is random, but I chose to give her the substance award because the content of those random things relate to me. I read it because her posts are personal. It reminds me on how I used to blog before. Just the random rants and whatever I want to write about. What is even better is that we are both Filipinas and that is a fact that I can more than relate with.

9 Amelia is - Amelia's blog is all about her life in "secrets". At first I thought that it was anonymously spilling out her deepest secrets through blogging, which honestly attracted me. But then I found out that she tells her secret through art as the medium. She has been consistent with the substance of her blog, even though she doesn't really explain the reason behind such secret. But I guess creating that piece of art work, is her therapy itself as other bloggers choose to write about it instead. But what makes her blog more interesting is the mystery behind it. Well as some people try to narrate what they feel, Amelia keeps some of the details hidden to the naked eye. Amelia, I hope you don't mind sharing your secret to my readers. The trick is to try to save her secret.. and you will know more about her post. :)

10 A true long distance relationship - The 10th awardee of this award goes to A Lady In Waiting, not because she got a Tiffany & Co. ring  from her boyfriend as a second anniversary gift. I read her blog, not only because she is also currently under a long distance relationship (which obviously I relate with), but she is also taking up graduate school and her course is school counseling. It caught my attention because I am also into the same thing (taking masters and same field), except that I am currently not enrolled in my graduate school but to continue it will be my first priority once I go back home in the Philippines.

and that's the end of my blog award post.


  1. Great acceptance and award post! :) Thanks for accepting the award.

    And yes, we should communicate more. Personally. That way we can be BFFFFFs. Or something like that.

  2. Thanks so much for the award and kind words about my blog! That means so much! I have been a bad blogger lately (cause I've been SUPER absent!) but I'm going to try to jump back on the wagon. Thanks again!


  3. Thanks so much Hotcakes! Your blog is awesome too. I shall proudly display my award :)

  4. This is such a wonderful and insightful post. I love the way you have written about your own blog and I truly think you deserve this award. Thank you so much for passing it onto me! I feel so honoured to accept an award from such a wonderful blogger. I can't wait to blog about this!

  5. WOW... I feel so HONORED. I'm glad you liked my burrito recipe, I actually had that for dinner last night! School started today, back to eating crap...

  6. Thank you so much for the award and your kind words about Confessions of a Single Girl! I am honored :)

  7. Thanks so much for this award! I just realized that I was not a follower...strange though...cuz I've read it multiple times, but I guess I never clicked "Follow"! HAHA. I greatly appreciate the award and think that you definitely deserve this awesome award. I'll be sure to post about this!

  8. Thanks for including my Blogsite on this post! I really appreciated it! More power and Godbless! :-)


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