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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6. H&M and Forever 21

street stores like downtown style were rare in the Philippines. The stores in Fort Bonifacio was a good attempt though.

My first shopping spree.
Santana Row

I enjoyed the girl time I had with Hotcake's aunt today, even though it was really the first time I had bonded with her. I met her just through the internet and I felt like we were already really close. We've talked about a lot of things and mostly the things about her hubby's and my boyfriend's family. LOL. That clan is really easy to describe.

So anyway, we went to Santana Row and it was kind of an outdoor mall. It was so FUN even though I mostly did window shopping because they were MOST or rather ALL branded. Like the really really branded stores. I don't think I can afford to "invest" in those kind of items yet, if daddy still pays the bill.

But I did find a store I did like. It reminded me of my co-worker who mentioned that it was her favorite brand too.

At the least I was able to buy something out of this "shopping" spree. They have a lot of good clothes in H&M and reasonable prices too.


Along the way we stopped by and grabbed ourselves with Pink Berry.

I'm not a yogurt lover, but I don't hate them either.

After that we went to the indoor mall. We also did a little window shopping there until we came across Forever 21.

I've always seen this brand on the clothes that people give me whenever they come back from the states and I find it really cheap and good! And so, it took us forever shopping there...I tried looking for a dress which I would wear to my boyfriend's cousin's graduation party. I picked a simple black and white dress and bought this huge ring too. Well, auntie paid it for me, so I guess she bought those clothes for me. :)

I heard from my classmate back in Manila that they recently opened a Forever 21 and it was a hit. Either way, I find myself lucky to shop it here because it will still be cheaper.


So how come I haven't really seen anything made in U.S.A. Isn't it the main point that I am here... find something that is local?

Later that day, I had dinner with my uncle & aunt, together with my boyfriend's auntie. I had to set it up so that they could meet even if did sense some awkwardness in all of us. I'll be spending the night with my boyfriend's aunt, that's why.

But after dinner, we left and back to San Francisco I was off to go. It was so funny that my boyfriend was calling me, and her hubby was calling her. Both of the boys checking up on us. That was so silly. What else can we possibly do that they'd be so suspicious of? If there is, that would be spending so much money for shopping. And so we continued talking about them on the way back.

My boyfriend found out I was sleeping at his auntie's house and tried convincing me to sleep at their place. I guess I was just being responsible and stick to my word. Trying not to be too "attached" to him. Besides, his aunt and I were going to wake up really early the next day because we were going to pick up her son in the Airport. I was going to accompany her.
The view of San Francisco from their apartment.

I really find it so comforting the his husband (my boyfriend's other uncle) was so comfortable to me and enjoying that I'm spending time with his wife, considering his wife was young and just about 3 years older than I.

I am lucky that I have actually someone to talk to about my boyfriend and who could really understand. Add to the fact that she is just married to the family so that's what makes us in common. I have a chance to check out what am I in for, when I do eventually marry into the family too.

Nevertheless, even if I end up not marrying into the family, I think she & I have already built a good friendship. That soon enough if I don't end up with my boyfriend in the end, I don't have to refer to her as an aunt anymore. She's too young and beautiful to be labeled as such anyway :)

Talking to her makes me forget what hardships I am currently going through in the battle of fighting for my boyfriend and I's relationship to work.


  1. I'm loving your blog and the pictures you posted! I'm a big fan on H&M. It was one of my favourite shops back in London, and I'm so happy they opened a store in my town recently. :)

  2. thanks serena :) im happy i have my first reader. lol :)

    as you can see, i'm way behind fixing my blog and my latest post is still June.

    hope you'll check out my other posts soon.

    btw I love H&M too, but too bad they don't have it yet in Manila

  3. Great pictures. Looks like a fun time!


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