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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

86. Vacation Surprise

Friends, I have something to share to you...

I stood in front of my building, watching the approaching traffic, anxious to catch sight of my boyfriend. The downtown traffic was light for a Friday, probably due to the upcoming holiday weekend, and that odd way no one works either a few days before it or a few days after it. Then I spotted his Lexus half a block down, and smiled as I watched it pull to the curb.

He opened the passenger door, and I climbed in. We exchanged a nice, warm, kiss. "Hi, sweetheart," I said. "Hello gorgeous," He replied back, smiling warmly at me, his brown eyes twinkling at mine as they always seem to do. "So why were you so insistent on picking me up?" I asked. "Oh, I've got a little surprise planned," He said with a hint of mystery in his voice. "Oh really?" I answered. "Are we going someplace special?" "Yep," He said. "Now let's see how long it takes you to figure it out." He switched on some romantic music on the Lexus’ stereo.

We drove on for a few moments, while trying to guess his plan. But everything I suggested - a concert, a ballgame, a movie - was met by a shake of his black hair colored head. And then I noticed the road sign for the airport turnoff. "Oh my God," I said. "We're going to the airport?" "Yep," He replied. "Oh wow," I continued excitedly. "You're taking me to dinner at the airport's hot sausage stand!" We both laughed. After a moment, I said, "Really? We're going somewhere?" "Yep," he said . "Where?" I asked. "Gotta guess," He replied. I just let out a long sigh...

After we got parked, he and I walked towards the terminal, He was carrying two bags. "I cannot believe you packed my bag without me even knowing it," I said. "Are you sure you got everything?" "Everything important," He said. "Particularly your see-through nighties." "Oh, it's going to be THAT kind of vacation," I said suggestively. "Did you remember to pack your thongs?" "I sure did," He said. "Of course, that's not the only thing I'll be packing..."

As we walked through the terminal, I continued to guess at our ultimate destination, but never really got close. So it wasn't until I got to the ticket counter that I finally realized he was taking me to Jamaica. I was stunned. Though not too stunned to throw my arms around him and give him a big, wet, romantic kiss right there in front of the ticket agent. "I'd say 'have a great trip'," the agent said, "but I think you're already on your way."

Quite a while later, well into the late night flight, both of us were dozing off under some blankets. Probably due in part to the couple of margaritas I had consumed, and the several beers he had downed. But we had to have the drinks to wash down the airline food we’ve just eaten - this carrier wasn't known for serving its fliers surf and turfs. But as I dozed peacefully on his shoulder, I suddenly bolted upright. "Oh my God," I said, "what about the dog?" "Don't worry," he groggily replied, "one of the neighbor kids is going to feed him." "Sorry," I apologized, yawning and stretching.

I snuggled back against him, resting my head on his chest, and putting my arm across his stomach. He had almost fallen back to sleep, when he felt my hand begin to creep southward - and finally land in his crotch. "Oh, hello," he whispered to me. "Hi there," I replied. "How's my friend this evening?" I began to lightly stroke his cock, which quickly began to stir under my gentle touch. "He's fine, thank you," He said, adding "And he is looking forward to getting a lot of activity on this vacation." "That sounds great," I replied. "And would he like to get a 'head' start?" He glanced around - the plane was dark and quiet, the engines droning on as most everyone else seemed to be sleeping. "Well, if you insist," He answered.

I squeezed his now fully hardened cock, then began to unbuckle his belt. After it was opened, I unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped them, then began to lightly stroke him under the thin cotton of his underwear. He reached across under the blanket and gently reached into my partially unbuttoned shirt. Running his fingers down between my cleavage and then over my bra, he began to lightly circle my left nipple with his fingertip. It hardened instantly.

I continued to stroke his underwear covered cock, mixing in some gentle squeezes for variety. "God, I love the way you touch me," he whispered to my ear. I answered by licking my way up his neck. "Um, you taste nice," I said. "Even better than strawberry." I continued to run my tongue upwards, finally placing the tip of it in his ear, sending shivers throughout his body. And then I reached into his underwear, wrapping my small hand around the shaft of his hard, hot, thick, cock. He removed his right hand from inside my shirt, and pulled his underwear and pants down slightly to help keep my access to his cock clear. I responded by picking up the pace of my stroking.

Now he wanted to get inside my pants. As I continued to fondle him, he reached across for the snap of my pants, and undid it. After pulling my zipper down, he turned his hand sideways, index finger toward me, and gently pushed down between my opened pants and my underwear. He easily found my cotton covered slit, and could already feel the warmth emanating from it. He kneaded the area, his finger against the full length of my pussy. Now he could feel some moisture leaking through the fabric. I squeezed his cock, and let out a deep breath.

He pressed once more against my slit from the outside, then ran his fingers up to my waistband, and reached inside. He let my pubic hair catch between all his fingers, then continued moving downward. I pushed myself forward in my seat and spread my legs wider, giving him better access to my lower regions. His middle finger continued to push its way down, and finally found the very wet opening of my pussy. Lightly inserting his finger, He drew out some of the natural lubricant, and spread it up my slit. Then he began to slowly move his finger up and down that pathway of pleasure, circling my clit on each pass. I began to moan softly each time he tickled my there. And inhale deeply each time he plunged a finger into my pussy.

I continued to stroke him, using my delightful twisting motion as I pumped up and down on him. Now He began to just concentrate on my clit, circling it slowly, lightly running his finger directly over it, then circling back in the other direction. Suddenly we heard movement in the cabin, and saw a flight attendant coming down the aisle. Closing our eyes, we stopped our active fondling of each other, pretending to be sleeping. But safely out of sight under the blanket, we didn't let go of each others private parts.

After a few moments, I opened one of my brown eyes, and checked to see that the flight attendant had moved on. He knew the coast was clear when he felt me begin stroking him again. He returned the favor by plunging his middle finger deep into my pussy, then using his thumb to lightly rub my clit. And the little contractions of my pussy told him he was doing a fine job of it.

This furtive groping was really a turn on for both us. Sort of like back in Manila, doing it in the back seat of a car. The same excitement, the same danger of being caught. And the same desire to move from foreplay to the main event. "I want you to fuck me," I whispered to him. He was happy to oblige. The problem was, how exactly?

"Hang on," I said, releasing my loving grasp of his cock. With my window seat reclined, I rolled onto my left side, my ass toward him. Then I wriggled my pants and panties farther down. He turned onto his left side as well, as if pretending to be asleep. "There," I said, pressing my bare butt against his hot cock. "Can you get it in?"

"I'll find a way, don't worry," He whispered. He slid farther down in his seat, and probed his hard cock under my ass. No... no... not quite... and then he felt that wonderful wet warmth of my magical pussy. And slid himself in, instantly being engulfed by my grand canal of pleasure. I let out a long "oooooohhh..." which I tried to stifle with one of those little airline pillows. "Oh God, that feels so good," He whispered. I just nodded my head in agreement. We just stayed still for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of being connected.

This encounter was going to have to be different than our usual - no loud noises, no frantic bumping, just a slow, careful, quiet build up of delightful, pleasurable tension. He began to ever so slightly move inside me, just stirring it around, really, more than stroking in and out. I responded by clamping and releasing my pussy muscles on his long hard cock. Then he started drawing back slightly, and pushing forward. I let out little gasps, which I again stifled in the pillow. The passenger in front of us stirred in his sleep, letting out some loud snuffling noises, causing us to stop moving - well, at least on the outside. I resumed my pussy muscle grasping, and He responded by flexing his cock, making it swell inside her.

When the passenger in front was quiet again, he began his slow, slight stroking again. The sensation was delicious for us both, and the incredible turn on of doing it surreptitiously had us each on the brink of orgasm. He would push in just a bit, then pull back a bit more. Then in a little more than last time, then slightly back. I never knew what to expect, and it felt like his cock was exploring new parts of my pussy with each mini-stroke, the head like a delicate instrument of pleasure. The plane hit a bit of turbulence, the slight bump only adding to the incredible sensations being experienced by two connected lovers.

"Are you close?" He whispered. "Oh yeah... just a few more seconds. Then put it all the way in," I gasped back. He pulled his cock back as slowly as he could, all the way back, dragging it past every millimeter of my pussy until just the very, very tip of the head was left in my opening. He was so close, he was right on the verge, the come massing in his cock, ready to go. I was so close myself, my pussy now empty, but twitching, desperate to feel his cock inside again. The pressure was building in my clit, consuming my entire core.

He held his cockhead at my opening, taunting, teasing them both. And then he slid forward, thrusting all the way inside me, as deeply as he could go. He grimaced, fighting the urge to cry out, as the come shot from his cock and the wave of pleasure washed over him. I felt his cock fill me completely, and when it exploded, I exploded, the orgasm tearing through my groin, up my chest, and down my legs. Biting the pillow to keep from crying out, my pussy clamped down on his cock, grasping him, holding him, never wanting to let him go, as my entire body shook from the force that flowed through me.

We just lay there, still connected, for the several moments it took us to catch our breaths. "Oh my God," I finally said, "if the rest of this vacation is anything like that..." "It's going to be better," He whispered back. "You never even asked where we're staying." "Okay," I said, "where?" "Oh, a little place we once looked into. Called 'Indulgences'." "Indulgences?" I asked. "With the nude beaches and non-stop parties and the sex going on all over the place?" "Yep," he said, flexing his still hard cock inside of me. "The place is a total turn-on, and we are gonna have the times of our lives." "Great," I said, squeezing his cock with my pussy, "but I'm not sure I want other women checking out your ass." "Hey, I'm cool on other guys drooling over your breasts," he replied, "just as long as I'm the one you're making love with." "Always," I said, turning back to give him a nice, long, romantic kiss.


I'm sorry to keep you hanging... but there IS no continuation. :)

This is actually a story I edited (i changed the third person pronouns to first person) but originally got from Hoochy Mail. "HoochyMail is the first internet service that allows you to create a thrilling, explicit erotic fantasy about yourself and your special someone, doing all sorts of exciting and sexy things, in all sorts of exotic and interesting locales!"

great way to start the month post huh? :)

 well.. i guess i'm the fool here.. because i wish that this story was g*ddamn true! ( i mean... because I want to go to Jamaica..)


  1. WOW i thought that was real at first. I was jealous of the Jamaica trip :) Hahaha Ithought it was a bit strange though it was beginning to read like porn or something lol

  2. Geez girl, got me all flustered!

  3. damn girl you totally had me fooled!I was thinking how naughty you are and you're great at writing erotica! Very kinky!

  4. hahhahahaha @jojo hey i got that from hootchy mail.... i just edited the Third Person pronouns to First person, so that it would look like it's a blog post.. lol :)

  5. what an extensively detailed post! hahaha too bad it ain't for real. lol

  6. hey found you 20sb!! ace blog and yea i thought it was real too, you got me fooled, god damm i'd love a man to just whisk me off to jamaica!! but i have actually kinda done what you just described and yes it was amazing!!

  7. You totally fooled me too.... I was like 0_0 "What is this?"


    I'm happy you enjoyed my long distance post, dear!

    The six hour drive between you and your boyfriend must really really suck!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  8. very nice post.. keep it coming.


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