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Monday, June 7, 2010

5. all in his day's work

a whole day together. a whole night apart.

I woke up really early today and freezing.
By early, I mean 5 o'clock in the morning.

My boyfriend picked me up so he could bring me to work that day. I can't post any pictures of the place, thus the point of anonymity.

Well, the day WAS boring but it wasn't the "worst day ever", We've had our share of "worst" days.

At least I got to be with him although I just had to stay put at a corner.

It was also an opportunity to know what he does at work all day whenever I'm somewhere else.

My poor babe barely eating lunch everyday and they don't have "lunch breaks". Although I think they can just take a break anytime as long as they're not leaving the place. There's a truck of food that drives by during lunch time. Well, that's convenient. And then, they also have their own vendo-machines.

It was pretty much a small place which I think was good because you really wouldn't feel like working. Yeah people actually working there would tell me I'm nuts. But HAVE THEY tried working in MAKATI???

Oh come on.... Now that's a really "down town" busy business place. People all over the place and they are all working "robots" if you tell me. The thought of being in an "office" environment sounds classy but probably only when you are on the top... Or... nah.... I wouldn't stand that kind of life. I should know, because I did not last.

I want to work in an environment that you don't feel like you are working. Heck I think I'd like to work in my boyfriend's office if I had an opportunity. People just wake up, dress up and get into the car without taking a bath!

Now with a morning like that, would you feel you are going to work??? Sounds awesome to me!

Later in the afternoon his uncle called him and invited us to watch a movie...I was excited to watch my first movie but turned out we were watching Marmaduke -_- Oh okay... lol. But we were doing it for his little cousin. So I guess it was okay because I like that little boy and yes, he does like me too. :)

That's how our day went today but it was also my last night in the place I was staying at. I had to transfer to my uncle's house in San Jose. It was an hour drive apart from my boyfriend but it was for the better. I wouldn't know when I would see him again though... but I do know I have a date tomorrow with his aunt and his cute baby cousin.

You know, if his cousin was just my age by now, I might have traded my boyfriend for that boy. I've been his fan even before I met him. He's just a cutie and a very handsome boy. So tomorrow, my boyfriend's aunt will be picking me up and we are going to shop :)

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