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Saturday, August 28, 2010

81. WANTED: a new boyfriend

actually... i want TWO.

I 'm not being a cool bitch but it's just what I feel right now.

The last time my boyfriend and I spent a whole day together, we were able to talk about a lot of things. He suggested for us to break up but with conditions. To put it in simple terms, he wanted our relationship to be an open relationship. He didn't say any thing about him wanting to have a new girlfriend but he did want to focus more on his emerging career (it's not some typical bullshit but working in his relative's company is really keeping him to have a social life). On the good side, he told me that I was allowed to have a new boyfriend. (To be honest, if that was just that easy I would do it even without his permission). He said that when he has finally settled down with his new life in the states, he would go back for me. Such a cliche right? In the movies? ...

I would have said yes. Because I know that if i did want him back I would make it happen myself.

But I didn't. I said, I don't want to break up with him because I don't want to risk it. But then I said that I will still look for another boyfriend. Selfish right? haha.. But I'm just being honest. He said that what a lucky bitch I am because I don't want to be single and I'd rather that my boyfriends over lap each other. He said that it was okay for him but he would have to criticize my other boyfriend first.

It sounds like a silly conversation but with full honesty on saying what we feel inside without offending each others feelings. Earlier tonight, my boyfriend and I was chatting and suddenly I just said I wanted to break up with him.

He just bores me so much. I know being bored isn't a good reason. But I can explain. When I say boring... because there's no interest anymore. No excitement. No spark. It seems that I just want to talk to him because I can't find any body else to talk to. He's always too busy or too tired. He's boring because even though he finds the time for me, we practically talk about NOTHING. And I have ran out of punchlines to keep the conversation flowing. I'm just simply BORED.

Then he starts the drama and explaining...

Him: "I hope you don't replace me that fast and I hope that you will still wait for me"

Me: "Then what's the point of breaking up with you if I'm not going to find myself a new boyfriend and if I'm still going to wait for you???"

He told me that he doesn't want to let me go, but he is setting me free so that I could be happy. I told him he was stupid. I said "you don't know a thing about what makes me happy" 

He's stupid because HE makes me happy and I wish he does something about it. With long distance relationship, communication is very important. But now that even our communication is not that interesting anymore, so what's keeping us together? What's the point?

He said that starting tomorrow he will make it up to me. I said "what are you talking about, we're over" He said that it is better this way that we don't have "labels" so that there are no pressures or no obligations. But like I said, we broke up already right?? what the hell is he talking about? ... I replied with a "blah blah blah whatever". Oh yes, ofcourse I know what he's talking about, it means he doesn't want to lose me and he wants to make it up for me even though we already "broke up".

I'm not going to take it back. It's about time he courts me again. I have to stand my guard. We always try to break up but then we always end the hour later getting back together. Or even though whenever we "break up", nothing happens. We're still treating each other as if we NEVER DID!

I need to stick to my word. HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND. Ignore him, and let him come to you.

For the mean time..... I want a two boyfriends.


Well, for one I'm keeping my current one.

Second, so that someone can keep me entertained while I try my efforts to ignore boyfriend #1.

It's a cliche. It might be conventional. But I need to go back and play 'hard-to-get'.


Qualifications & Conditions
  1. Don't worry I won't play hard to get on you.
  2. We don't have to meet in person, you can just be my virtual boyfriend.
  3. You just have to constantly entertain me, and send me emails.
  4. You're only commitment is keeping me from being bored and 
  5. Never say you're too busy, you've been busy or too tired to chat.
Applicants anyone?


  1. haha, with those requirement,s I'm tempted, but alas I'm working and in college, so not much help there, though.

    My boyfriend messaged me today saying that he wanted to discuss our break up... which happened about a week agao. so I'm wary. anyways, good luck, gurl!

  2. So why does the person have to be a boyfriend? I mean, if you're okay with never even meeting that person, then what is the point? Why can't you just have friends to chat with, or do you want to have romantic conversations?
    And none of my business, but if you're bored with him and even though you are saying that you are "broken up", why still stay in contact and wait for him until you are able to really be together? What if you meet someone you love more?
    Just wondering! Good luck to you! :)

  3. I'd say go after what makes you happy, and maybe it'll be good for the both of you to try dating other people. You'll either realize that you are happier with other people, or you were happier with each other. Either way, you'll figure it out. :)

  4. P.S. I have given you a blogging award! Come check it out and claim it here:


  5. I can't imagine having two boyfriends. I can barely deal with the drama of one!

  6. Ahhhh breakups are so complicated! I've been down this road blah!

  7. hello everyone, HAHA. this one's controversal.

    i just want to have another boyfriend for the perks of it. and if he's a boyfriend then he is obliged to talk to me, rather than just a friend :D

    My relationship with my real is more than complicated and we have our own mutual understanding :) One way or another, I'm still going to end up with him. I just want a past time.

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