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Thursday, June 10, 2010

8. sex in the city 2

I was supposed to sleep over at my boyfriend's cousin last night. But as the events happened yesterday, he made me decide (or rather gave me to no choice at all) to stay over at his grandparent's place instead.

We just had to make sure that everything between us was alright again. I was just not sure about myself if I was indeed okay. I may say I am now... but the idea is still running along inside my mind.

I woke up in the middle of the morning... looking for my boyfriend. He wasn't in sight. I got sad because I thought he left for work already without saying good bye. And then I fell asleep again.

I woke up AGAIN, and saw him sleeping on the floor. I was relieved. He hasn't left without saying goodbye. I quietly creeped beside him on the floor and cuddled. I wish he need not go to work that day.

Later on he woke me up and kissed me good bye. I wanted to go to work with him, but he said I should just stay. Even though I knew he was coming back later and not going too far, I felt dismayed. I feel so heavy that I hate to lose sight of him anymore. I missed him already.

and I fell asleep once again....

This makes me think about the story behind sleeping beauty. Was it after a hundred years? or was is just for a while... Some versions say it was a hundred years after when her true love arrived. The Disney version was just probably within the day or a few days after.

I love Aurora and I think she was lucky that she fell asleep. She did not have to go under any hardships and she just lived a simple life. She woke up when everything was okay again. That was my feeling when he left. I wanted to sleep the whole day. I wanted to wake up when he's already there. I wish I could sleep long enough like Sleeping Beauty and be awaken with a kiss. A kiss saying "I'm here" and not a kiss saying "Wake up, I'm off to work, good bye".

Anyway, it's just a fairy tale... and reality was I wasn't awoken by a kiss but instead I was awaken by a knock. My boyfriend's cousin is here and today was her day off. We didn't have much plans today so we just hung out at their apartment. I just waited.

Time flew bye like I wasted it and he arrived. HOORAY! I felt like I waited for a lifetime. It was the longest hours of my life. I just can't seem to find any other distraction but to wait for him to come back. I'm afraid I'm just going to waste my life away every second that we are apart. How will I survive it?

So, tonight I'll be back to San Jose to my uncle & aunt. It was a long drive but I always enjoyed it with my boyfriend. I'm thankful enough that he does these little efforts for me.

Back in San Jose, my aunt & I when out to watch Sex and the City 2.

It wasn't THAT good compared to the first movie, but I just had to watch it. Or maybe it WAS really good and I felt nothing really special because I didn't have my friends with me to enjoy it. I love Sex in the City. I was supposed to watch it with my college friends before I left but I just did not have the time anymore. Sex in the City reminds me of my best friends in high school. Four girls talking just about everything under the sun! I miss those girls already. Even though we really don't meet frequently anymore. Even though if I weren't on the other side of the world. But you just have to have those certain group of girls you can talk to you know? ....

Girls just have to have their "girls".

It's one way to keep our sanity. 


  1. True ...Girlfriends ..are the best outlet ...and they do keep up the sanity ...

    its been ages that I have tym to talk myself out to mine...!!

    I hope this makes you feel better !


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