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Sunday, August 29, 2010

83. bad girls get everything

I've been so distracted lately that I haven't been focusing too much about the life of my blog. I've been so hooked with the Filipino TV Series "Rubi" and been watching it online starting with the first episode.

Rubi is the story of a woman full of secrets that will destroy the lives of the people closest to her heart once the truth comes out. As someone who’s fed up with her family’s poverty-stricken life, Rubi learns how to play her cards right to get what she wants even at the expense of her loved ones. How far will she go for the sake of her pursuit of power and wealth? Will she give up the man who truly loves her in favor of the one who showers her with everything that money can buy? - source

Among other typical telenovelas wherein the lead characters are the protagonist which are abused in the beginning and given glory in the end, this telenovela is different. The story gives emphasis that the antagonist is lead character. Rubi is always the bad girl. And with other telenovelas that the bad girl is always despised, in this story the bad girl is the one that is idolized.

Well, at least I do.

I have talked to two of my best friends about Rubi and one of them had opposite reviews about the character. My best friend who I know is the kind and peaceful one, dislikes Rubi. Come to think of it, I cannot name any person of whom she had an argument or hatred with (Aside from ex-boyfriends probably). While my other best friend, whom I grew up at least hating one person every year and torturing them in school, LOVES RUBI. What's funny about it is that we even update ourselves about the latest update on the Rubi show. We comment on every scene and every time Rubi does something cruel and yet we find it entertaining.

I guess it shows that those who like to watch Rubi and idolize her, reflects the viewers personality. Any place I get stationed, there seemed to be at least one or two person that I will dislike so much. What's worst with my attitude is that I SHOW my dislike with that person. I like Rubi, even though she is materialistic, a user, and a bully. It's like watching the Mean Girls but worst.

Rubi is the kind of antagonist that will NEVER let anyone get away with it. What's amazing with her is that she comes from a poor family and even though her resources are limited, she will get things done when she wants it. She is the person whom you would love to be friends with but you would be afraid to clash  against with. If anybody goes against her or try to hurt the people she cares for, she will get back at you with a bang. And you should be very, very afraid. Even though you have all the money to get away with it, you should be afraid because she will take your money away from you and you will have nothing to fight against her with.

I idolize her, because she makes things happen. Even though her means of getting it is something "not nice", but her intentions are always good. Everything she does is for her family.

I remember when I was in gradeschool, high school and in college... I cannot seem to avoid not having a single enemy. It's like, I just can't manage to keep my mouth shut. You know? or I can't even just "pretend" to be nice. But noooo... I HAD to show them. I had to roll these eyes. I had to influence other people to dislike them too. I just HAD to start a fight.

I am like Rubi , because I too am defensive when somebody tries to destroy my walls. The walls I am talking about is my comfort zone. When somebody damages my ego or does something to complicate my life in a way that I do not accept, my mind always comes out with these revenge tactics. When I told my boyfriend that I wanted to break up, he said okay as long as I don't do something stupid to ruin his life. He already knows me that much to know what my mind is capable of. But what he doesn't know is that it's just in my mind. Of course, unlike Rubi, she is only living in a TV show. I'm living my life in real life and I am still sane enough to realize that my actions will have it's consequences. I am good with threats. But I don't really do it.

Let's just say, I know.. I am immature. Because I don't easily accept my mistakes. I'm not humble enough. and sometimes, I just don't like some people. period.


  1. I have a thing for bad girls, hence my quote at the top of my blog.

    "When I'm god I'm really good...but when I'm bad I'm better."

  2. lol yeah i saw it... well i guess for me ill just make it simple

    keep your friends close, and your enemies closer :)

  3. i admire your honesty ;) at least you're not a hypocrite ! haha

  4. I am back grl ....missed readin ur posts !!!....
    Well I tried and caught up ...the ones I had missed cz of mah bzee schedule 1:)

  5. I remember those crazy sitcoms. Asero was my favorite.

  6. I often think i should be more of a bitch, people who are hard faced usually get what they want. Unfortunately the nice girls often finish last


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