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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

7. the airport. nail salon. and the beginning of a ruined vacation.

My boyfriend's auntie and I woke up early today because we were going to the airport and pick up her 8 yr. old son who lives in Texas with the dad.

I can imagine how excited she really is. A mother and son reunion.

But what I can't imagine is that kid traveling on his own. Man, I can't even take a plane ride on my own. I'd be so ignorant and afraid that my plane would leave me behind.

Later that day, we went to drop her baby boy to the little school. And while we waited we went to the nail salon to have our nails done. All-girl-thing. Except that his older son had to watch us and wait while we had our nails pretty-fied. Good thing he had his PSP.


Her son was so talkative and very friendly :) and it was so cool how my boyfriend's uncle adopts him like his own son. It was a beautiful family indeed.

So after everything else, we got a call that everyone else was going to my boyfriend's grandparent's place. Swimming, drinking and hanging out. Oh goody... I get to see my boyfriend again pretty soon.

Only. Things wasn't really what you expect it would be.

You know those not-so-good things that you know exist but you still wouldn't believe them even if you saw them in your own eyes?

Well I saw something. and it made me want to isolate myself from everybody.

Literally everybody. 

well maybe except the kids... so I was just isolating myself from the adults and I was playing cards with the kids. And what's funny was they knew my boyfriend & I were silently "fighting" and they were talking in front of us saying stuff like "Are you guys breaking up?" "You should break up with him" "Who's side are you on him or her?"

I love those little kiddos because despite my boyfriend is their cousin, they are on MY side. lol

Well anyway, it was indeed a start of a bad bad situation. It was hard to describe. It was just a total failure just because of that thing that I saw which should have been HIDDEN BEFORE I CAME THERE. 

And we were just on the rocks. I waited for his other cousin, the girl who was just a year younger than me. So I could have someone to talk to.

Sometimes I think about it now... I wish it never had to happen. or maybe I should have controlled myself? should I? Was I the one at mistake here? .... Because I also ruined my relationship with his relatives because of my reaction. I did not do anything violent but I just became ignorant about everything.

His grandmother even had to talk to me which I wish they just had ignored me too, because I'm like that. When bad things are happening I stop for as long as I want and just ignore everything around me. I do something else trying to let it out or distract myself. I shut out everything in me and just let my body do whatever.

His girl cousin came and I accompanied her to the dentist. When we came back everyone else had left already and my boyfriend and I had a talk. 

I don't remember what happened anymore. I guess it was embarrassing but it happens. It's hard to pretend that you are okay.

But what's done is done. We can no longer do anything about changing the past.

So much for it. I think I want to go back home to the Philippines now. Thank you.

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